Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring time in the desert, and other stuff

I want to include some pics here so this is as much about seeing whether I can do this, as to show off some lovely views of the desert in the spring. These are from a hike we did east of the valley during the spring of 2003. We had a lot of rain that winter and this was the result, beautiful! Proof that the desert really can be green.

This time of year, when the weather is warm, nature abounds, and we have our wondows open all day, I truly think I could live here always. I always forget what summer here really feels like. I do this every year, only to be reminded by the end of May when we are sealed in our homes, dreaming of fresh air and shade. Ah well, I will enjoy it for now, until the amnesia wears off!

This made me sad, but at the same time hopeful because at least this stuff is getting major news coverage these days. In fact global warming "news" is everywhere which is great. NPR have been running a really good series of programs called "Climate Connections" for a while now. The many and various pieces discuss the impact of global warming around the world. Just search for "Climate Connections" at NPR. Interesting, and at times sobering stuff.

Now that I know I can post pics I will take some more recent ones post those.

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Jenn said...

This was our first spring bloom in Phoenix. I am sure I am spoiled, but I also knew enough about the desert to be absolutely delighted with the flush of flowers we had.

My future goal (as soon as we find a house to own) is to see if I can replicate a little of that spring rush in my front yard every year...