Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not such a green day?

Today, my dear friend A and I went for a wonderful spa day. Now before you say anything, we are not in the habit of going to spas. In fact neither of us has ever had a proper spa day in our lives. Today was the product of several months planning, (and saving), so that we could find just the right place, and just the right day.

We had a glorious day getting a full body "desert rain" loofah treatment,(which reminded me of the bed baths I used to give as a nurse), and a swedish massage, and then we hung out, had lunch, and enjoyed the amenities at the beautiful Camelback Inn Spa. Yes I know, spas are definitely not the kind of places one goes to when trying to live green, but it was a very occasional treat OK?

We will be turning off later for "earth hour", and I fully plan to line dry all my washing this week, honest! Will that offset our spa day a little? Here's hoping!

One swedish massage- rather expensive
One "desert rain" loofah body rub- not quite as expensive
One lunch- even less expensive still
One spa day spent chatting with best friend, away from all distractions, in a beautiful place- priceless!

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