Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not green enough

OK, so I know that so far this blog really hasn't been too much about practical sustainability in the is coming, honest. I also realise that the spa day was an extremely tenuous link, at best!

I have big plans though for this week! Things like exciting pics of the washing line, and droopy tomato plants, as well as tales of my battle with the dogs, (mainly Tex), to stop them from stomping all over the small bit of green I have thus far managed to create, and the modest transformation of our back yard from from lean, to green. I have some great pics in the camera, if I can only make the time to get them out of the camera and uploaded onto here, I will be be doing well!

Earth hour was on the news today, and it did make me feel the tiniest bit green as I listened, but I know in the grand scheme of things it really didn't make a dent.

Tomorrow is weekly grocery shop day and I am abandoning Trader Joe's for Sprouts farmers market, in the hope of finding a little more semi-local produce to buy, with a lot less packaging. I am pretty certain that CSA will be the way to go ultimately, though of course I have been far too busy at the spa this weekend to check it out thus far!!

For now though, you will have to make do with some extremely cute pics of a recent trip to the Desert Botanical Garden that Amy and I made with our girls. (I am sorry that little E doesn't get featured too heavily here Amy!) It was another beautiful spring day here in the desert, and the DBG really is the epitomy of sustainable growing, and such a beautiful place to boot! Please enjoy, oh and of course happy birthday Tracy! I hope that you had a great day.

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