Friday, April 11, 2008

A Bit of Success

I am very excited because I finally managed to make some bread that tastes good, is light and airy, and actually looks like bread as well! (R thinks it looks like muffins, but that is only because I baked it in a muffin pan). I figured out what I have been doing wrong after reading the instructions for my machine over again. (Probably should have read them properly to begin with!) I have been scooping the flour with the measuring cup out of the flour bin, instead of adding flour to the cup. This increases the amount of flour considerably, and thus the bread is heavy. I also added some white flour to the wholewheat flour as suggested by Leaner. This is the result. My family is very happy, and so am I!

I also planted a few Texas Sage plants as planned, and here is one for you to see. Rather small right now but I am sure it will grow.

We have a tiny pepper on our pepper plant which is exciting. We have some tomatoes as well but I didn't get a good picture of those.

R cut the grass down really low, and we have turned the irrigation back on for the summer lawn. I have really mixed feelings about having grass here in such a water scarce area. We actually only have grass in the summer, we let it die back for the winter, and we irrigate it as little as possible to keep it alive. However, I know it still takes a lot of water. For now though it is our indulgence I am afraid. I am going to keep careful records from now of how much water we are using each month and see where we can reduce our useage more. Here is our "dead" grass now pre irrigation.

And finally, I just had to post this picture of a lovely Ocotillo I saw today. Not ours sadly, but so lovely in the spring when it flowers as this one is, and after rain when it sprouts green leaves. They are great accent plants, but alas don't mix too well with small children and dogs because they are very spikey indeed. Also a good picture of the oh so blue Arizona sky!


Barbee' said...

Oh, No! From that sublime climate to AZ! What a shock that must have been. They both have their beauty, but what a drastic change.

Mo said...

It was rather. I think I am still adapting. Your blog and garden are so beautiful!

leaner said...

LOL at scooping the flour. I did that a few times before reading the instructions. I am glad that the "muffins" came out well. I have used a muffin tin, it does work well for rolls.

I love ocotillos. We planted one, but sadly it did not survive. I think it was dead when we purchased it. It has been useful in keeping the dog out of a few areas in the yard. They are often cut up and used as fences, I love when they are and then some of it comes to life. I want to make a fence/shade for our a/c unit out of ocotillo.

garden girl said...

Mmmmm. . . that bread looks fabulous. I love to make homemade bread. I like the manual process complete with kneading, but I love my bread machine even more!

Kathryn/ said...

Hi, I lived in Cave Creek for two years. I adore ocotillo and wish I could have it up here in N. CA, but I know that's impossible. I DO hope to establish Texas sage as that was another big discovery there. (I love that it's always full of bees. I used to hang out next to my big ones out back and just listen.) My alltime fav that I miss was Baja Fairyduster. Do you have that??

Mo said...

I do have several Baja Fairyduster's and they are lovely, The hummingbirds love them. I will make sure to post some pics in my next post for you to see.:)