Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wow, it has been a busy weekend. Last night we went over to some friends and had a lovely evening sitting in their backyard which is backed onto a mountain preserve, listening to the coyotes, watching the birds, and enjoying the glorious weather. It made me realize more and more that I have to be near nature to feel really good. I sometimes forget that living deep within the suburbs, as I get caught up with day to day busy-ness.

I managed to pick up a couple of plants on sale. I don't normally do that because sale plants are usually on sale because they are on their way out, but these looked pretty good, and were a steal at half price. I got a Cassia Phyllodenia, and an Agave Americana. I have planted the Agave, but have not yet managed to get the Cassia in the earth. This is what the Agave looks like now

And this is what I hope it will look like soon

I also half painted the concrete table and benches on the patio that have been here since before we moved in.

They would definitely not be my first choice for patio furniture, and ideally I would like to get rid of them, but for several reasons we can't right now. (How would we even get them out of the back yard?) I hope I have done the right thing, I am a little iffy about the color I have chosen. Ah well, that is the good thing about paint, it can be painted over! I will post pics when complete.

I worked this weekend, and that along with the obligatory friends birthday party for girls, and everything else made it one busy weekend! This week will also be a busy one. I have a final for a class I am taking at the weekend, we have family coming into town this evening, and K is off school, so we have big plans to make the most of this lovely weather. Every time I look outside I see stuff to do, lots of stuff, stuff I would like to be doing right now, but it will have to wait for a while I am afraid.


leaner said...

I like the concrete patio table. We have an aluminum one with a glass top that I hate. But it was given to us for my favorite price "free dollars." We just had to purchase some chairs.

Mo said...

Thank you! You may not like it quite so much after you see what color I have painted it! :) Free stuff is always great isn't it, even if it is not exactly what one wants.

Esther Montgomery said...

This must be a flattering photo.

Concrete doesn't sound nice at all.

But, in the picture, it doesn't look like concrete.

Instead, it all looks very peaceful and beautiful.


Mo said...

Thank you, you may not think so now that it is half painted dark green! :(