Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Day Out At The Farmers Market

So yesterday we finally made it down to the farmers market downtown. It was a long awaited trip, and one that didn't disappoint!

I haven't been to any farmers markets here in Arizona, and although it isn't big by typical standards, it was fab! It had that arty, earthy feel to it that made me feel right at home. Everyone was friendly, and chatty, and the produce was amazing. There were also lots of artists selling their stuff, and had I not had a strict budget, I could have gone a bit mad. My favorite of all was this lady who is an artist and horticulturalist. She had an amazing portfolio of the gardens she has designed. Didn't get any pics of her stall unfortunately as the natives were getting restless, but I got lots more of others.

We didn't stay long, but this is what we came away with. I am planning a big dinner later to use some of this lovely stuff.

We also bought two zucchini plants,a cucumber plant, and a little basil plant so that we can have a bit more of a veggie patch than originally planned this summer. I am looking forward to planting them later!


leaner said...

What fun! I want to go every week, I think about it. But life is so busy with soccer games and birthday parties. Sigh, maybe one of these days I will get there.

bodaat said...

I went last year and loved it too! My favorites last year was a wonderful couple selling herb plants, a lady selling these incredibly cute aprons that looked like dresses and a gentleman from Africa with scrumpadelicious bean pies. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go again this year.

Mo said...

I am with you there! It was a squeeze to get there this week with two birthday parties this weekend, (I swear K has a better social life than I ever had), and my endless battle with the house work, but it was SO worth it. I am aiming to go on Wednesday, but we shall see as Wednesday is swimming lesson night!

Amy said...

I hope this doesn't depress you, but E looks so grown up in that picture. I think it was just the picture, though, in person she still has a baby face. : )

Mo said...

No it doesn't depress me anymore. Can't do much about it right! :)