Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Look at these amazing, beautiful, sustainable Earthships! Who would have thought that dwellings such as these could be constructed from old, discarded tires.

Perhaps the "new" suburbs will consist of many of these grouped together in thriving communities instead of the unsustainable sprawl that we have now.

I can always dream!


leaner said...

Have you ever been to the Mystery Castle in PHX?
Pretty cool and definitely worth checking out.

Mo said...

No, I have never even heard of it. It looks very interesting, thank you for the tip! I love places that are different if you know what I mean :)

Amy said...

Are those pics of just one home? And somebody lives there? Interesting!

I'm going to check out the mystery castle website. I'm intrigued!

Mo said...

Yes that is just one. You can see others on the web site. I think the first ones were in Taos NM, but they are all over the world now. There are classes too on how to build them. Hmm, wonder whether R would watch the girls for a few months while I went and took some Earthship building lessons? Now that would take some time negotiating!! :)

leaner said...

If you also haven't been there Arcosanti-
Is worth the drive, but maybe not with kids, and maybe not with gas prices the way they are... another neat place to visit in AZ, though.

Mo said...

Yes, I actually went years ago while my Dad was visiting. What an interesting place! Every time we drive up north I want to stop again, but it is never the right time of course. I also would love a Soleri bell for the patio one day.