Monday, April 14, 2008

A Fond Farewell

My dear friend A is moving out of state with her family soon. I don't think it has completely sunk in yet quite how much I will miss her. We do lots of stuff together, the two of us and our girls, and it will be hard for us all to say goodbye. However, I am happy for her because I know it is what she wants, and what is right for her family.

Dear A, I hope that the move goes very smoothly, and I feel sure that you will be happy in your new home! I will miss having your friendship so close by, working with you, going on all those trips to the Desert Botanical Garden, and the Zoo, grabbing guilty phone calls with screaming kids in the background, (that might not change so much), and all the other stuff. I know that our friendship will always be there, even across the miles. Thank you for everything, I will miss you!!


leaner said...

Oh, I feel for you- TOTALLY. one of my best gal pals is leaving me so her hubby can teach in Austin. I am so not ready for her to leave. In fact, I get teary thinking about it.

Mo said...

Thank you! Good friends seem to mean all the more as I get older.

Amy said...

Thanks for the tribute. Makes me sad to think of what I'm leaving behind...but thankful to have a friend like you. You are one of the kindest, dearest, sweetest, friendliest, most helpful, endearing, loving, caring, compassionate (am I getting long-winded here) people I have EVER met. I know we'll keep in touch (guilty phone calls and all) across the miles. Thank goodness for blogs and e-mail! I will miss you my dear M. (p.s. love the new pic!)

Mo said...

Oh A, NOW I feel even worse. What lovely words, thank you, and know!!! xxx

Trudi said...

Mo, it is always hard to see a good friend leave, but as you say the friendship is still there. The hunger crisis is always here for some countries and it only can get worse. Only one third of the world population has enough food to eat.
On a better note, what nice words your friend has for you MO, I am sure you deserve them.

Mo said...

Thanks Trudi! :)

You are right, I fear that there will always be world hunger it seems for various reasons. We have so very much in the west don't we?

I was listening to Diane Rehm on NPR this am, and there was a discussion of this issue. Several panel experts agreed that the demand for biofuels has actually contributed about 20% to the overall increase in current food prices worldwide. Not the sole cause, but a significant amount nonetheless.