Monday, April 28, 2008

Green Stuff!

I am all done with school for a couple of weeks and it feels so good! We had another busy weekend going down to Tucson and visiting the Desert Museum which was lovely. I took lots of pics and will post them when I get a chance. A very interesting, and heartening place.

I got The Green Book and now have a chance to read it from cover the cover. It seems from what I have read so far to be a more popculture-ish guide to reducing carbon emissions. Some of the other books on this subject can be a bit heavy, but this book seems to be reaching out to those who may not normally think of themselves as environmentalists by featuring celebrities and such. I have to say I am always a little sceptical of celebrities who claim to be environmentalists. I mean it is easy for them to go out and buy a hybrid, or to spend money in some "environmental" way, shape, or form which does nothing for the environment really at all, but probably gets them more publicity. I guess though that it does spread the word, and ultimately that is the only way. I probably need to suspend full judgement until I read the book.

I happily, and gratefully got the day off work on Saturday to go to the Green Living Conference and I am very excited about that! R has been lovely saying he will watch the girls all day so I can go. There will be some great speakers including the author of Gaia's Garden which is on my wish list of books to read. (I wonder just how many books I can read in the next couple of weeks before I start school again?)

The Desert Botanical Garden has some great classes coming up this summer. There are some for desert tree maintenence that look good. I probably need to go to at least one of these. If you could see my poor trees you would understand why! There is also one for summer veggie planting that looks useful. Might need to save up, and work on negotiating some more time with R for these!

It will be a warm week I think, and I have MUCH to do, not least finishing off painting our patio table and benches that are still not done. I also have several HUGE loads of washing, and desperately need to buy groceries because the cupboards are bare. We have all been eating HORRIBLY over the weekend, mainly because we have family staying, and have been out and about a lot. I feel bloated up with all the salt I have consumed, and I am severely in need of some lovely green veggies to detox myself. Hmm, what can we have for dinner?


Esther Montgomery said...

I was taken aback, a few months ago, to hear of a woman who had put solar panels on the north-facing slant of her roof.

When asked why, she said it was because her neighbours wouldn't see them if she put them on the side which caught the sun.




Mo said...

I wonder how much power they are generating?? :)

Esther Montgomery said...

Accessorise your house with solar panels!

Mo said...

I spose there are worse things one can accessorise with!

Esther Montgomery said...


But it's a bit like buying a pair of party shoes and wearing wellington boots on top of them.

By the way, I've come across a blog called 'Grow This'.

I found the post for yesterday (28th April - 'Paradise Lost') very moving. (And well written too, I think.)

It may interest you as well.


Mo said...

Thanks Esther! You are right, it is good, and sad too. :( I will have to read more.