Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Polar Bear

Today is Earth Day! What will you be doing?

I think for me the most disturbing image I have in my mind of global warming is that of the polar bears drowning as the ice around them melts away. So when I saw K cuddling her favorite polar bear the other day, it made me feel so sad.

I truly hope that we can get some serious legislation passed very soon so that real changes can be made to reduce the effects of carbon emissions. That is the only way anything can really be done to slow global warming. If this doesn't happen soon, we may not be talking about polar pears with our grandchildren in the present tense. Overly dramatic? Maybe, but the truth nonetheless.

Visit here now and see what you can do to help stop global warming today.

Happy Earth Day!


Nancy J. Bond said...

A Happy Earth Day to you, as well. Have you watched "An Arctic Tale"? It's a National Geographic movie and is definitely worth a rent. Your daughter would enjoy it, too. :)

Mo said...

I haven't but thank you for telling me about it! :)

Trudi said...

Hi Mo, stept into your plot to say hello. Is this your little daughter? she is a gorgous girl with her "teddy icebear"! Mo I can't understand that organic food is so much more expensive where you live. What a shame that the best in food is to expensive to buy. Here it is very reasonable.