Friday, April 4, 2008

It's not easy being green!

........when everyone in the house is sick, or injured, the washing pile is overflowing, everything is in complete disarray, and I am so very behind with my school work. I have a confession to make, I used the dryer this afternoon to dry a load or two. I know, I am a horrible example of green living, but I just needed to clear a bit of space, and quickly. So now here I am feeling guilty, especially after I swore I would line dry all week after the spa day. I need some kind of green confessional, somewhere where I can absolve myself of my failings. Does this count?

As if this weren't enough, R isn't even a little bit on board with the whole CSA idea. He reminded me, (as if I needed reminding), that the last time we did it most of those lovely, fresh, organic, locally grown veggies sat in the bottom of our refrigerator for a week until they were wilted enough to get dumped on the compost heap. I know, awful, and I do feel bad, but you really have to understand I was a brand new Mama. Definitely not the best time to take on the world. I was barely managing to get through each day in my shell shocked, and sleep deprived state, and was most certainly not in the right mind set to be thinking up creative ways to stuff a cabbage leaf.

So, with all that in mind, it is a little more easy to understand why R may think signing up again would be a waste of veggies, and money. I'll just have to start working on him and see what happens. Maybe if I can be really creative with our usual store bought stuff the next few weeks, he will be inspired!!??

We never made it to the farmers market on Wednesday either as that was the day sickness hit our house. There is always another day for that though, it will still be there, just waiting in all it's glory.

And so, it's really not easy being green somedays, and now I must get back to tending the sick, injured, and needy.


Amy said...

Aaawwweee. Love the picture. Who is that? K or E? So sweet. And you are basking in the glow of motherhood......or sleep exhaustion, I can't tell which.

Mo said...

It's K, and I think I was basking in the glow of both motherhood, and sleep exhaustion. Good memories! :)

leaner said...

What is CSA? I haven't heard of that.

Mo said...

CSA is "Community Supported Agriculture", and is an web site showing local and small farmers, and food producers in each state. It is very fun! Check out and see what you can find!