Wednesday, April 16, 2008

National Hanging Out Day

"National Hanging Out Day", a day when everyone is encouraged to hang laundry outside within public view, is this Saturday, April 19th.

It will help to publicize the ridiculous restrictions placed on washing lines by many home owners association's around the country, as well as the obvious facts that hanging laundry is better for the environment, and the pocket book.

Check out Project Laundry List for more details, and don't forget to hang all that lovely clean washing in public view on Saturday!


leaner said...

Where did you get your laundry line? I am looking to purchase one (or make one if I need to... I am handy.)

Mo said...

Oops, just managed to delete comment about where we got the line. I am still learning all this blogger stuff. :)

Mid-life Midwife said...

Oh my. This whole neighborhood association crap is just that- crap.
No fences, no clotheslines, no visible sattelite dish...My sister was scolded for keeping her garage door open too long one day when her kids were in and out with their bikes! Argh!
We live in a "historical district", which means we can't do any ultra modern things to the exterior of our house.
The historical committee and I have verbally sparred on a few occasions over dumb stuff like modern gutters vs. really expensive old-style gutters...
However, clotheslines?! A lot greener than a clothes dryer! And out west, I imagine your clothes would dry outside in like, 20 minutes! :)

BTW, I've got the same umbrella style clothes line and I've been using it for years. It goes well in this historical district! Very old-school. ;)

Mo said...

Glad to hear my line is "old school!" :)

I agree with all you say of course. We are SO fortunate to not have a HOA where we live, one of the few neighborhoods that doesn't around here. When I first heard about the clothes line bans I honestly COULD NOT believe it. Anyway, it seems things are changing slowly as people wake up to how sad this all really is.

And yes, we must have some of the very best drying weather in the world, though it aint much fun standing out there on a scorching day and hanging it I can tell you. Those days the dryer seems like a very tempting idea! :)