Monday, April 7, 2008

Tex the Dog!

We have four dogs. Tex, AKA "Tex the dog", is one of them.

Tex was a stray puppy we found at a gas station on the way to San Diego almost six years ago. He had been dumped days before apparently, and was a pitiful little thing. We,(well it was more me actually, R wasn't too delighted to have such a smelly addition), scooped him up, put him in the car where he promptly fell fast asleep, and drove on to San Diego where we all had a fun weekend in a nice hotel. (My long suffering husband patiently stopped off at Petsmart with Tex on the way into town to get shampoo and worming tablets, while we all went off to the race expo! Rather nice of him considering he wasn't initially over the moon at the thought of carting round our new fuzzy companion for the weekend).

The puppy scrubbed up pretty good, and for ever after has been named "Tex" which was our good friend N's idea. (It WAS a "Texaco" gas station).

I love Tex a lot, but I have to admit that he and I have our differences, especially since I started trying to plant the backyard. Tex likes to dig, and when he is not digging he is searching for lizards underneath rocks, and stomping all over my plants. This can be rather annoying at times, especially after I have just planted stuff. But ah well, what can you expect with a house full of dogs, right?

So without further ado, here is Tex in all his glory, as he happily roots through my backyard just looking for trouble. We love you Tex!


leaner said...

So cute! I just want to pet that fuzzy head.

Amy said...

Tooooooo cute. I love your little Tex. Reminds me so much of my dear Sydney. She wasn't much of a digger, but had her bad habits....itching and scratching through all hours of the night, to name one. Our Dash is a digger. Our backyard is full of pot holes. Beware: you may fall in if you aren't careful where you step!

Viooltje said...

Awesome post. Tex is one lucky digger. Actually he is lucky that one loving soul was going to San Diego that day. You have a wonderful blog and garden, and those two kitchen helpers of yours are just adorable. I'm glad Blotanical has shown me the way to another amazing green thumb blogger.

Greetings from the Mediterrranean