Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This and that

Wanted to post a few pics as this is getting a little monotonous to look at. Here is our veggie garden, I know, not too impressive right now, but it has potential! Cute pic of Tex planning his next thing to dig up no doubt. I have dug out another bed this afternoon.

Here are the tomato and pepper plants that were plonked in a few weeks ago and are doing OK today. They were looking a little droopy a few days ago.

And here is one of the lovely Globemallow that grows in the veggie garden. It self seeded and is native to our area, and is HUGE despite R cutting it down repeatedly because he thought it was a weed. Well, it is technically, but a very pretty one, and it survives on almost no water.

And finally, here is some bread I made this afternoon in the bread machine. I have a love hate relationship with my bread machine. I thought that making bread in those things was foolproof? Well apparently not because, well, you can see just by looking at it! I seem to be able to make white bread OK, but I like wholewheat and have yet to make a loaf that looks, and tastes decent. It is usually one or the other, or sometimes neither! Todays loaf looks funky, but actually tastes OK. Any tips anyone?


leaner said...

We love our globemallow- lovingly referred to as "the Bonus Plant" she is huge!

As for your bread when we make wheat I have found that you start with 1/3 bread flour and 2/3 whole wheat and you get a nicer loaf. Plus, I take mine out and shape/bake it myself. Then it looks pretty too.

Mo said...

Thank you! I had never thought about actually shaping it to look better. I am definitely not a natural baker, even with the help of technology! I made some snickerdoodles the other week because the name sounded so intriguing to me. Unfortunately they were so bad, not only would the girls not eat them, but the dogs wouldn't either, They were like rocks.

Amy said...

Snickerdoodles! Mmmmm. But you have to have a good recipe and the timing can be a little tricky. Just a minute or two too long and you've got bricks.

Mo said...

Yeah, well I think I was more than a minute or two too long! Even Lilly and Tex turned their noses up, although I am sure Cocoa the trash can dog would have eaten them given half a chance!

Do you have time to make them way they should be for tomorrow Amy? :)