Thursday, April 24, 2008

Water Water Everywhere................

Can you tell that I am trying to get out of studying for my test? I have been finding any number of things to distract me, it hasn't been hard at all!

The back yard keeps luring me with all it's color and smells. My Chocolate Flowers smell so chocolatey in the mornings that it is almost unbelievable. Of course you wouldn't know that from the picture but they are very pretty too!

The biggest pepper we have is growing by the day as well, and so are the tomatoes!

I'm not sure how to tell when a pepper is as big as it is meant to be on the plant. I am sure that they don't get as big as those huge store bought ones. Does anyone know? Don't want to leave it for too long.

My little Desert Willow Tree has lovely flowers on it. It needs a good prune but it can wait for a while longer. I LOVE these trees, and would have put more in had I known about them when we put most of the trees in.

We have a very badly dripping, (or rather gushing), faucet, (otherwise known as a tap for any English readers). It has been leaking since Monday, and the odd job man we use can't get here to repair it until next Monday.

I HATE seeing water wasted, in fact, water conservation is something of an obsession of mine, just ask R, he will tell you! Obviously we live in a desert, and the thought of gallons of water pouring down the drain makes me lose sleep, literally. So, instead of letting it go to waste, I have been saving it in the bath and using it in the backyard, as well as storing it in my water barrels for later use. Does that make me sound like a truly crazy, tree hugging person? Ah well because I really am, and there are much worse things to be I am sure. I even caught R, who is definitely NOT a truly crazy, tree hugging person using some of the water from the bath to refill the dogs water bowl!! We are using well over a bathtub of water a day that would otherwise have been wasted, and that makes me happy. I have to admit the plants in the backyard have been getting rather more than they need, but the trees have had a good soak that they wont need later on so it is all good.

OK, I have to get back to the books I am afraid. Just can't put it off any longer.


leaner said...

LOL, I am a little anal about water. I have had to remind myself that the landscapers NEED to use the water.

My hubby will turn the faucet on with his right hand, then pick up the glass (from the counter with his right hand) and THEN place it under the stream of water, filling it. After he sets the glass down he will turn off the water with his right hand. He has two working hands, it isn't like he only has one. It drives me nuts. NUTS I tell you! I was brought up in the desert, by a mom who is water conscious. Maybe not to the bathtub filling point, but we were taught water conservation... a thing I think should be taught in school.

Esther Montgomery said...

Well - even though we have lots of rain in England, I water house-plants with the water people leave in their glasses - and garden plants with water from hot-water bottles.

And I don't feel even the least bit embarassed about it.


Esther Montgomery said...

Oh - and your season seems a bit further advanced than ours - my tomatoe plants are four inches hight at present!


Mo said...

That's because we have had weather in the 80's for at least a couple of months already! Our winters here are generally very mild. :)