Monday, April 14, 2008

World Food Crisis

The areas of the world that are going to be the most devastated by global warming are very often the least developed regions that already struggle on a day to day basis to provide even the most basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. It therefore makes me so sad to see that poorly researched, prematurely developed "solutions" to global warming such as biofuels are further contributing to the suffering of those who already have so little.

A world food crisis is rapidly developing as prices soar. This is in part attributable to the huge increase in grain prices seen as the demand for biofuels increases. Read here for more discussion of this issue.

Surely we can figure all this stuff out without creating yet more damage!! Can't we??


A Softer Side said...

There is a program "Plant a row forthe hungry" that will provide you with seeds to plant and donate the veggies to your local food bank.. It isn't a big step, but if every gardener planted a row we could provide some much needed produce to those in our communities who are not so fortunate.

Mo said...

I haven't heard of that but will look into it. Thank you and what a good idea!