Monday, April 21, 2008

Would You believe It?

Today I decided to go to the new Wholefoods Market that has recently opened up. I have not been to that one before, and I don't go to ours often because although they are nice stores, the prices are outrageous. Also when I do go I tend to get rather overwhelmed by the extreme organic expensive-ness of it all, wander around for twenty minutes, and then leave without buying anything.

I was having a similar experience today, even more so because this Wholefoods is HUGE, much bigger than our local one. I had picked up a couple of cans of organic kidney beans which was just about all I could cope with, and had decided to call it a day, when I glanced over at the checkout. There was a news channel filming a story about reuseable shopping bags, and how Wholefoods are banning all plastic bags in their stores from tomorrow onwards. (Tomorrow is Earth Day). As I was studiously packing my kidney beans into my reuseable Trader Joe's shopping bags, the news lady walked over to me and asked, "are you reusing those bags?" "Yes," I replied! She then asked "do you often reuse bags?" "Yes I replied, all the time!" She then proceeded to ask me whether I would mind answering a few questions. I said I wouldn't, and so she interviewed me! I immediately, and ridiculously got nervous, blabbed on and on about nothing of course, uttered the complete untruth that Ireland had banned all plastic bags, when I know for a fact that they have just placed a tax on them, (??!!), and generally made a complete fool of myself. Typical of me to totally screw up what was probably my one and only chance at 15 minutes of fame!

I had to laugh though because it was kind of ironic that I was there, with my Trader Joe's reuseable shopping bags this morning of all morning's, when I have never been before, and will probably not go again for a long time. All I can hope is that they have enough sense not to air it!

**Update** The following words were the sum total of my 15 minutes, (or rather three seconds), of fame. "Yeah I think it's great, it's a good idea!" Thank GOODNESS all the rest of it was cut! HILARIOUS!!!!!


bodaat said...

What news channel? I can't miss this!!

Mo said...

Well thankfully, you already did miss it! :) Don't worry, you would have missed it had you blinked at the wrong time anyway, it was SO short!

Amy said...

I saw your little snip-it and LOVED it. You looked great. : )

Mo said...

Thanks funny was all that today!! Haha.

Esther Montgomery said...

Where I live (Dorset, in England) fewer and fewer shops offer plastic bags.

Mostly, you are asked if you need.

In some places, you have to ask.

But W.H. Smiths (the chain stationer and booksellers) seem to be emabarassed by the demise of their plastic bags, instead of proud of it.

The assistants are prone to say 'We don't have any plastic carrier bags but can offer you a black bin liner if you need one'.


Our greengrocer only uses brown paper bags and really expects customers to bring their bag to put fruit and vegetables in loose.

Some towns have banished plastic carrier bags completely.

But - I have a high horse - it is this - to get rid of excessive packaging from the goods which we are no longer putting in throw-way bags.


Mo said...

Once again with you Esther! Much of the stuff we buy here is overpackaged as well.