Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birds and Dogs

Yesterday we found a little fledgling at the foot of our Texas Ebony tree. It seemed unhurt, and I think had fallen out of a nest, though I haven't seen any in the tree from this year at least.

I wasn't sure quite what to do with it, it clearly needed to be fed but the thought of trying to hand rear a bird did not seem to be a sensible one as I know nothing about birds.

My friend C suggested I call our vet and ask them if they knew of any rescue organizations. They gave me the number of a place called "Bird Rescue At Home." I called and spoke to a lady who gave me directions to her house, and told me to bring the little bird over. (I had it in a cardboard box by this time).

The lady's house was amazing! She had literally hundreds of birds that had been saved. She, along with her husband are hand rearing them all from the tiniest, featherless, veiny looking babies, to the largest, one of which was a Peahen. (I thought it was a turkey at first until I asked!)

She identified our little fledgling as a Verdin. She agreed that it had probably fallen out of a nest. She tried to feed it some kind of bug but it wouldn't open it's beak, so then she was going to try to feed it some more liquid food. We left around that time so that she could get on with trying to save the little bird. She said that she thought it would be OK. I was glad we had taken it there to that lovely place. All day E was saying "Mommy, where the bird?"

Tex got his summer haircut and seems much happier as he runs around outside. he looks like a puppy to us again now.


Amy said...

Great story with a happy ending. I think I contacted the same organization a few years ago....

We found a baby mockingbird running around one of our neighborhood parks. It had all its feathers but couldn't fly yet. Fearful it would fall prey to a cat, we took it in and (somehow) found the number to a lady in the east valley who cared for baby birds in her home.

What a job! Don't those birds have to be fed every hour or two around the clock?

Mo said...

Yes I think so. I imagine that this lady works non stop with the amount of birds thay had. Amazing!