Sunday, May 11, 2008

Climate Counts

Check out Climate Counts, an organization that tracks the steps big business is taking to recognize and deal with climate change. It rates each company out of a hundred according to several criteria. The results may surprise you as they did me!

I was surprised to see that Amazon got a measly 5, as did E Bay. I shop from each of these companies regularly, reasoning that online shopping reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as opposed to driving to and from stores. I also like to try to buy everything second hand if I can, especially books which are a major weakness of mine. This has really made me think twice. I will be going to Bookmans, and Changing Hands even more regularly now, (although both are not so close to me), and supporting my local Goodwill all the more.

McDonald's scored OK-ish with a 27, second only to Starbucks in the food services section! The other fast food places such as Burger King, and the company owning Red Lobster, and Olive Garden did not fare so well with 0 points! Many of the electronics companies such as IBM, and Canon do well also with scores of 77, and 74 respectively, while the top scorer in foods was Stoneyfield Farms with a 78. Nike came in tops overall with a score of 82!

You can download and print off a handy dandy shopping guide for quick reference each time the urge to shop 'til you drop strikes.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Interesting stats, for sure. I've saved the link - thanks!

Mo said...

Thank you! :)

Esther Montgomery said...


Um . . . prepare for a blast of cynicism . . .

Um . . . 'Climate Counts' is sponsored by Stonyfield Farms.

The chair of its board of directors comes from - Stonyfield Farms.

One of its other board members works for - Stonyfield Farms.

How fortunate for Stonyfield Farms that it comes so high on the list!

The 'Scorecards':-

- 'Nokia has made some public information available'

- 'PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division has established clear goals'


I am not an expert in statistics BUT I suggest your surprise about which companies do or do not rate highly on this list arises from well founded gut-feeling based on common-sense experience.

I think I trust your instincts more than I trust this list.


Mo said...

You are right Esther and thank you for pointing that out. However, It is clearly stated on the information section that Stoneyfield Farms support the site, and that they have staff on the board of directors. It is not a dirty little secret or anything!

I am quite sure that Stoneyfield Farms have a vested interest in being tops in the food services section. However, an interest in being ranked high in the food section does not necessarily explain why they would rate other non food related companies as they do.

I am also quite sure that they have a vested interest in the environment seeing as they sell organic products.

Until big business really start to address this stuff little will change in regards to global warming. They really do have the power to make a difference, but usually they choose not to. I for one am glad to see that some of these corporations are thinking about some of this, albeit with a vested interest.

The fact remains that this list really does motivate companies to clean up their act. It is a well respected and well publicized list, and as a result it does motivate big business to start making changes in response to possible loss of revenue linked to environmental apathy. For me at least that is good news! :)

bodaat said...

I saw an ad on tv from SC Johnson that said that they were using energy produced from a neighboring landfill (probably from methane?) to power their factory. Thought it was kinda cool! Unfortunately I'm not sure how many organic foods they produce but it's a start!