Friday, May 23, 2008

The Green Book

I started reading The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M.Kostigen a little while ago, and now that I have finished it I wanted to do a small review.

I really like this book! It is a presented as a cheerful, and handy little resource that can be read cover to cover, or can be used as a quick and easy reference as green choices emerge in our daily lives.

The chapters are clearly laid out and cover the many areas of life such as communication/technology, building, sports, travel, shopping etc. I have frequently dipped into various sections as I have needed to throughout the day.

Each section is very detailed, and offers extensive options for going green, many of which surprised me, and most options are backed up with fascinating facts. Did you know that enough paper clips are produced every year to hand every person in the world at least three? No? Well neither did I, but it is right there on page 48. It really made me think about EVERYTHING that I do each day I can tell you! We are currently planning our summer vacation and the travel section has proved useful in the planning process.

I also really like the extensive reference list in the back that covers each chapter so that further research can easily be done by the individual.

The only thing I wasn't especially excited about was the cameo appearances by celebrities at the beginning of each chapter describing their "green living" habits. Although I am sure being able to name such celebrities as Jennifer Aniston, Robert Redford, and Owen Wilson has helped to sell more copies, I am not convinced that it adds much to the overall message of the book. This is probably just a personal beef of mine though, I am sure others will delight in reading these sections for entertainment value if nothing else.

Overall I highly recommend this book! It is good value, packed with loads of vital information, written in a style that is easy to read and understand without being patronizing, and is very handy to carry around for quick reference. I plan on using this book for a long time to come.


Amy said...

I haven't read that book and I may be totally and completely wrong here but here's my two cents anywho...

I totally agree with you when it comes to the celebrity buzz. Odds are, the author was trying to make a few extra bucks by including something that he/she thought would appeal to the masses.

I'm sure it's easy being "green" when you've got millions in the bank to invest in solar panels and whatnot. But is it really "green" living when you reside in a home the size of a shopping mall? Or when you have multiple properties around the globe sitting vacant while you are off jet setting or filming a movie?

Those are just my thoughts, unfounded as they may be.

Mo said...

My thoughts exactly!

Apparently Jennifer Aniston takes three minute showers in honor of the meager amount of water individuals use each day in Africa in comparison to us here. That IS admirable, but like you, I wonder how many homes she owns that have swimming pools that are used rarely, and yet maintained constantly?

I am not trying to knock anything each individual does for the environment, I am so for the whole movement, but also like you I feel that it is easy to be green when you have the money. However, that doesn't necessarily make you green, it makes you a green consumer, and consumption is one of the main problems we have.

It IS a good book though and would make a good gift methinks! :)

Amy said...

So, Jennifer Aniston takes three minute showers....that's great! But how often does she go to the salon have have her hair styled (and washed!) professionally? How much time does she spend at day spas -- of which we know are anything but green. (What's the opposite of green? Brown?)

Sorry to be so harsh on celebrities but I just don't buy most of what they say. Call me cynical, I guess.

But it still sounds like a good book!