Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Phew, What A Scorcher!

It was 110 here yesterday! Yes, I know we live in the desert, and hot is to be expected, but this hot this suddenly? Those weather forecasters are predicting close to the same today, so we are shuttering up the house in preparation this morning.

We finally had to succumb to air conditioning over the weekend when the temperature inside hit 88. I have been putting it off for as long as possible because finally admitting that it is hot enough for AC seems like some kind of defeat for me. Now we look forward to the long summer of hibernation for us desert dwellers.

Every spring I vow to not be beaten by the heat and continue with outside living, and every year by the end of May I have to admit that I am beaten. From then on I barely make it outside later than 7 am, other than to run errands. I have to admit that I will never get used to this kind of heat. I don't know if it has something to do with being British, but every summer I find myself longing to live somewhere more temperate like Oregon, or Washington State. One day right?

My poor veggies are looking so hot and sad. I bought some shade netting yesterday and plan to get that up before the worst of the heat hits today. Silly me for putting a veggie patch on the western side of an east facing garden! Ah well, we live and learn!

Here's hoping all you fellow desert dwellers keep nice and cool today. Definitely a day for staying indoors if at all possible. There is great news though because the mercury will be seriously dropping by Thursday when it is predicted to be 85 again! Yay, can't wait for that. That will be perfect weather for our garage sale this weekend.

Oh and Amy, I am SO jealous that you are leaving just in the nick of time. We may be coming to visit you guys somewhat sooner than expected!


Amy said...

As you know, you are ALWAYS welcome to come visit. The temp will be several degrees cooler, but we'll have humidity to contend with. But it will be a nice change...at least for the first year or so. : )

Viooltje said...

I guess gardeners always have something to moan about ;-), weather in particular, at least I'm like that, but reading this, I understand your 'British' sorrow LOL. I don't know if I could ever get used, but I believe and always have that every spot on this planet has its own, equally delightful charms, as well as handicaps. It lays solely upon as to adapt or not, and what better way to do it then through joys of gardening.

P.S. We had a mental, scorching summer last year here in the Mediterranean, it was as hot as 120F for weeks, and we call it a 'heat wave'. It felt like living in a desert, and even if it doesn't go on for as long as over there in your area, I can totally relate to the fact of 'barely staying alive outside'.

bodaat said...

My plants are crying out in pain with this heat!! I can totally relate to you. :)