Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sonora Desert Museum

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Sonora Desert Museum this past Sunday. (It's all pictures today). It was definitely worth the trip, very interesting and educational too!

Here is my family of Paleontologists

Some views of the stunning Sonoran Desert

Some "big kitty cats" sleeping as E called them

Back view of a Havalina

And finally, a very well camouflaged Bighorn Sheep

It was a very windy, and hazy day but you get the general idea. We stopped off at Colossal cave as well. Also worth a visit, but not if you have a very wiggly, and by that time grumpy two year old, who did not want to be in a confined space. Screaming really does echo through caves!!


leaner said...

I need to go! Haven't been since I was in Girl Scouts. I lived partway between PHX and Tuscon, therefore enjoying both places for field trips and family outings.
It looks even better than I remember.
One time when we were there, a rattlesnake slithered across the trail. SCARY. Yeah, imagine about 14 8 year old girls squealing bloody murder. It was fun.

Mo said...

We were warned to look out for snakes but alas, (or not), we didn't see any actually in the wild.

Esther Montgomery said...

The top picture of the desert (with the tangle of shapes in the foreground) is so weirdly wonderful to a Dorset-dweller, I find it quite mesmerising!

Esther Montgomery

Mo said...

I know just what you mean Esther because I felt that way after I moved out here! I couldn't believe how different it was. Now it is quite the norm, though one seldom sees quite such unspoilt desert around where we live sadly! :(