Thursday, May 8, 2008



Nancy J. Bond said... lovely it must sound in the breeze.

leaner said...

Where did you get that? I Love it. I need a few more wind chimes to enjoy in my backyard. And I would love some more eclectic looking ones, like that.

(If you have comment moderation on, why have the word verification on, too?)

Mo said...

I have to say it is more like a wind bell, than a wind chime but nice nonetheless. It was a gift and I think it was from Cost Plus. Now I am thinking these things would be pretty easy to make with some chunky beads and bells!

As for your last question, I have no clue. I am really new to all this blogger stuff and didn't even know I had both! Can you do some blogger lessons please?

leaner said...

Thanks for taking the word verification off! Its a lot easier to comment without it.

I love Cost Plus. I haven't looked at their wind chimes. Might have to do that next time I am there.