Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today has been perfect! It reached 78 degrees, although it is quite a bit cooler now, and has been lovely and cloudy all day. Just the way I like it! I never thought I would say that having moved from England where we obviously get more than our fair share of grey skies, and cool temps. I do like a little variety in my weather, and that is surely what we got this week. As predicted it went from a high of 110 degrees on Monday, to a high of 78 today. (It actually feels quite cold at the mo). We were over at Amy's house earlier and got a fair amount of rain there, but alas we are still waiting here for a single drop. The skies look very grey though so I am still optimistic for later this evening, or tomorrow. I know, I am crazy!

We have been getting a good sized handful of cherry tomatoes each day which is great. Enough for a salad or two, and it looks like there are more coming. There are more peppers growing as well, and zucchini, although it has been a struggle to stop everything from frying in the heat we WERE having.

The potted grape vine on the patio is also producing lots of bunches of grapes as you can see. I don't know what kind they are, and know little about grape vines and what to do with them. I wonder whether they will be sweet, and whether the birds will try to get them?

We have had loads of birds on the feeder, and also a little hummingbird that visits the fountain each afternoon, takes a bath, has a drink, and then sits on the fence just looking around. Sometimes he sits there with his friend. It is at times like this that I wish I had a really good camera so that I could take pictures similar to the ones on this beautiful blog, but anyway. You can just about see the hummingbird if you look really closely I think!?

Finally I just had to take a picture of one of my beloved Chilean Mesquite trees in all it's lush green-ness and glory. I often stand underneath it with the branches coming down, and all around, and I feel as if it is like the Willow tree in Pocahontas, just wise, and magical somehow.

OK, off to put a sweater on I'm chilly. Definitely making the most of this!


Amy said...

Hope you got some rain. It's still raining here (at nearly 9:30 pm). Loving it!

I've got my blog up and running. You can can come check it out at:

It's in for some major renovations so stay tuned!

No Rain said...

This day has been perfect! It's so hard to believe our temps. Sure wish it would last. Although we live in the same area, your garden is just the opposite from mine. Love reading your blog!

leaner said...

I have my window open, and it is cold in here. My fingers are having a hard time typing! Weird Arizona weather.

I think your pictures are beautiful, and I know how you feel because I have a few blogs I read regularly with lovely pictures that make me rather envious. We have the same bird feeder, but we only really get doves and pigeons... I need to move it so only little birds can perch on it.

Mo said...

We are just beginning to get spots of rain here Amy, HURRAY!

Thanks Aiyana, your garden is so lovely, and you are right so different to ours. I want to make many changes to ours such as getting rid of most of the grass, but don't know how much of it will realistically happen!

Leaner, I am thinking it might not be enough to simply have a better camera, some photographic talent would be helpful as well, and of course that's not for sale ! :)

Mid-life Midwife said...

I love your blog and the gorgeous photo updates! The grapes look especially lovely!

Mo said...

Thank you MLMW! :)

Esther Montgomery said...

Don't those grapes look satisfying!