Monday, May 12, 2008


We had a fun weekend, and a really special mothers day! I was surprised with breakfast in bed which was lovely, and I also got a wonderful gift of new clippers, and flower shears, (should I ever have any blooms that need shearing!) I have needed new clippers for ages and they work great.

We had a fairly quiet family day messing around in the back yard. I dug out more of another bed which is the area to the right in the picture. My other veggies which were very haphazardly planted are doing fine, though I am quckly realizing just how much I have to learn. The thing is though, I love to read about all of this stuff so that makes it really easy for me to want to learn.

You can see how huge the globemallow plant is now with no care, or water. Amazing! I am happy to see that some little Brittlebush plants are growing as well, again with no care. Yeah for native plants, how easy they are!

My compost box is busy doing what it does best. I am adding stuff each day as it melts away to become lovely fertile compost soon to be added to the beds.

Last night I went out to check on the garden. I love to be out there as dusk is falling. (One evening last summer I met a snake slithering across the grass, but that is another story). Anyway, when I checked on my veggie plants my poor cucumber plant was looking very wilted. In fact I would go so far as to say it looked almost beyond help.

I quickly watered it. It was hot yesterday, hotter than I realized, and I hadn't given the poor thing enough water. By this morning it had recovered completely as you can see!

Amazing the resilience of these plants in this hot desert climate. I am so glad it is OK because it already has some tiny cucumbers on it and I love cucumbers.

All in all it was a very nice weekend, a family weekend, and a perfect Mother's day! So why today am I feeling strangely low, and overwhelmed? It may have something to do with the many major disasters that seem to have befallen the world of late. The cyclone in Myanmar, the huge earthquake in China, and the tornadoes in the midwest. The numbers killed and hurt are beyond comprehension for me, I can't compute them in my mind somehow. I know that these things happen but still I can't seem to lift myself out of the low place that I am in today.


bodaat said...

I feel ya on that one. When I read about the earthquake in China, my heart sunk - especially reading about the collapsed school buildings. Can't even imagine.

Esther Montgomery said...

The cucumber - it didn't look as if it had a hope in the first photo.

What a transformation!

About China and Mayanmar - it seems almost apocalyptic.

One of my children was making a great fuss about eating salad the other day.

He was standing up and shouting - asking why we were always giving him 'healthy' food - couldn't he have something 'nice' for a change - and 'unhealthy' food is always much better in his view etc. etc.

We don't have a television so my family often doesn't know what's going on in the world until after other people.

So I told him about China and Mayanmar and pointed out there were much worse disasters in the world than him not liking salad.

He ate it.

I don't think this was oppressive - I think he (like we) sometimes need to put our own trials into context.

But, having done so - the sense of helplessness can't be avoided - these are things we simply can't do anything about.

We truly are bystanders.

'Don't let it get you down' is a pathetic thing to say . . . . all the same . . . don't.


Mo said...

Thanks Esther! :) x