Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad Hair Day

Today I decided that I needed to get my hair trimmed. I usually get my hair trimmed a couple of times a year. I usually go to a salon that is average in price, but with my new frugal way of thinking and living I decided that this would be too expensive and that a local franchise hair cutting place would probably be OK. $13 for a hair cut, billy bargain right?

Everything started out OK, but as the lady snipped away I grew a little concerned because it just didn't seem that she was making even a fair attempt to cut straight. My hair is wavy so doesn't need to be cut precisely straight, but a little bit straight is always good, no?

I could tell about half way through that things were definitely not good. Did I stop her and tell her? No, of course not, I sat there chatting away as happy as can be, and here is the result. Not good!

Now, I am not vain by any stretch of the imagination, but I ask you? Even with the wave in it you can tell how bad it is. The ends look horrible!

You are thinking aren't you that I refused to leave the place until the situation was rectified right? Wrong. You need to know that I am one of the least assertive people you will EVER meet, so instead, I thanked the lady, payed, left a TIP, (!!!!) and walked out of that place as if I was the happiest customer they had ever had. I ask you, exactly what am I teaching my girls about being assertive women? (And about getting a decent haircut for that matter).

Now that I am home and have trimmed off the piece at the side that was an inch lower than the rest I feel a little bit better and have had a good laugh about it. R will be home later and he will be able to trim the odds and ends. Like I said, at least my hair is wavy so you can't really tell, (unless you cut hair for a living). I wear it tied back most of the time too.

This has me thinking though, maybe there are a few things that it does not pay to be so frugal with? I might splurge next time and go back to my usual place. Can't imagine what they will think when they see this though, probably that one of the girls cut my hair!


bodaat said...

Oh Michelle! I had a good laugh too. :) I've had an almost exact experience. I was frugal about haircuts a couple years ago b/c I thought it was ridiculous to spend more then $20 (including tip) on a haircut. Well I had a pretty good run for a couple months of some pretty decent $15 hair-cuts until this one time where this guy totally did not cut my hair straight - one side beside my ear was longer than the other side! I was mortified. Ever since then, I decided that a good haircut is worth it. I still won't pay more than $50 though.

Amy said...

hahahahahaha! I'm not laughing at you Mo, just recollecting the time (not so long ago) that I took Claira in to have her hair cut. I had that same gut wrenching feeling that it wasn't being cut correctly. I too left a sizable tip and thanked the stylist as we left.

I kept thinking maybe I was just being picky. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Certainly I view her more critically than others do.

I was a little anxious when we went back the next day to have it fixed. I'm also very meek and reluctant (no fearful) of being assertive or sounding rude. (I was also worried we'd encounter the same sytlist!). I'm glad we went back though because I was told that one side of her hair was 1/2-3/4 inches longer than the other.

Certainly you could go back (if you dare) and get it fixed for free. But I'm sure you and R can get it looking pretty again.

(But then, you always look pretty.)

Mo said...

Thanks girls, glad you got a laugh out of it as well! :):)

It has now been re- trimmed and looks acceptable I think. Anything rather than having to go back eh?

Amy I have to say I was thinking about Claira's hair as it was all unfolding. I have learned my lesson.

When Robert got home he asked "why on earth did you go there?" I told him I was being frugal and he said, "I think we can afford to get you a decent hair cut a couple of times a year!" I guess I am now officially LESS frugal than my husband if that is possible! :)

leaner said...

Sigh, I have been there. If you have been reading my blog for very long you may have come across this post.
I had a succession of BAD hair cuts, well husband said they all looked "good" but NONE were what I had asked for. And did I storm out of a single one of those salons? No. I tipped them, too (not as generously as I normally do, though.)
I have finally found a decent place, and a beautician that I like (at one of those franchise places and I pay usually $10 for a trim.) I feel lucky because of it. But it is scary when I have to find someone new.

Have you ever tried a beauty school? For frugality of course. The students are usually pretty good and the teachers check you over when they are done. Just a thought. And if you have wavy hair, find a person who also has wavy hair to cut your hair.

Mo said...

It's funny how similar we all are at being so non-assertive at the hair salon isn't it? I am the same with dr's as well which is doubly ridiculous in that I am a nurse and should know better.

Anyway, thanks for the ideas. I used to go to a beauty school place back home and would have no problem dong so again. I envy your $10 trim though, now that's frugal! :)

sugarcreekstuff said...

I gave up after bad haircuts and meek me paying and thanking. You arent alone. I started cutting my own. I too have wavy (rainy days its frizzy) hair and wear it back most days. I don't do too bad of a job but now I go to my cousin once a year or so for her to fix it, poor gal, I do tip her well.

Titania said...

Mo, I had to laugh when I read your experience with the hairdresser, and you even gave her a tip. I guess you make that experience only ones, we all do and did. Next time, you go back to your good hairdresser a good haircut is important, it makes you feel good and it should not fall under frugality! I know, I am 69 and counting!

Mo said...

My hair also goes frizzy in the rain SugarCreekStuff! You are right Titania, I think an occasional haircut would be OK, even with my new frugal ways! :)