Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catalog Choice

Are you tired of your mail box getting filled up with unrequested, and unwanted catalogs? If so think about signing up for the service provided by Catalog Choice. This is a free service provided by The Ecology Center, and endorsed by some of the big hitters in the environmental world such as the National Wildlife Federation, and The Natural Resources Defense Council. It allows you to choose which catalogs you want to receive, and which ones you don't.

All you need do is sign up on the Catalog Choice website, and start declining catalogs that you no longer wish to receive. The many vendors that have also signed up for the service are informed of your wish to no longer receive information about their products. Some of them take a little while to stop, and a very few vendors still require that you call them personally to decline their catalogs. (I am still not sure why they would want one to do this when they have signed up for the service themselves).

Overall though this is a great service and we are starting to see a reduction in the amount of unwanted catalogs arriving in the mail since I signed up in January.

If we all do this it will save lots and lots of trees!


Amy said...

Thanks for providing this information. In fully intend to follow up on decreasing the bulk of our junk mail.

Do you have to know specifically which catalogues you currently receive or is there a blanket form to send to them all at once?

Mo said...

Yes, you do have to decline each catalog which can take a while but I just decline them each time I get one in the mail. It has taken a few months for it to take effect as well, but we are seeing less now.