Monday, June 16, 2008

Compacting Pledge

I have been thinking great deal about my compacting pledge over the past week or so. The main premise behind it all is to not purchase anything new, with the exception of certain items such as food, toiletries etc. I haven't heard back from the lady at Mama's on the Compact as yet, but whether I do or not I am going to to do this anyway, and will record how it goes here.

I have been thinking a lot about how much stuff we already have and have become somewhat appalled considering that I moved to the states from the UK with little more than the clothes on my back. I did have some books and other sentimental things shipped later, but to start with I really had to start from scratch. Compacting at that time would have been a real challenge, but of course one that I wasn't ready for then. I was decidedly intoxicated by the consumer opportunities offered here!

I plan to start compacting for two months starting August 1st. We are on vacation through much of July, and I know regretfully that whatever good intentions I may have during that time, it will be nearly impossible to stick to my pledge of not eating at any chain food outlets while we are away.

The items that are exempt from the compact for us are as follows:

Shoes for the girls.
Underwear and swimwear for us all.
Gifts, although I will make every attempt to purchase these from local, small and independent stores so that at least I will be supporting these.
Within reason certain DIY stuff such as paints etc, although I will make every attempt to salvage, and obtain raw materials for projects as much as possible.
Seeds and plants for the yard, though again I will attempt to seed and plant share as much as possible.
We will avoid eating at any chain restaurants or fast food outlets. (We hardly ever eat out anyway but if we do, we will eat at locally owned places).

Everything else I will obtain second hand.

I have joined my local Freecycle group, and researched the locations of all the thrift/ consignment stores in my area, so I feel that we are all ready to go. Watch this space for my progress!


Titania said...

Hi Mo, I have tagged you on my blog. Perhaps you want to tag some one else. Have a nice day.

leaner said...

Cool! This is great. I like all the things you have. Although I rarely buy the girls "new" shoes- I usually buy them at Kid to Kid ( ) because then you can get really nice expensive shoes for under $20. I am picky about shoes for my kids.

I have mine written up, but am still thinking over a few finer details- like fabric... I mean I want to try to make the girls clothes, and I would really like a new-to-me sewing machine... but do I NEED more fabric? Do I need that sewing machine, as mine works fine. Sigh. Its hard to think about. But gas prices have kicked my butt as far as shopping is concerned. I drive my hubby's gas guzzler and therefore have to fill it up and GASP! it is horrific!

Mo said...

Hi Titania,

Will certainly tag some people when I get a bit of time! Thanks :)

Mo said...

Leaner, some of the other pledges I have seen have exemptions for crafting supplies. If you are intending to make clothes I am sure fabric is OK. I mean isn't that the point, not buying stuff and you wont be by making their clothes!

I know what you mean about your sewing machine because I really want a newish camera that takes super pics and am struggling with that one at the moment. I am excited to see your pledge as well! :)

Weeping Sore said...

I look forward to reading about your continued efforts. It took me many years to realize that "shopping" should not be a form of entertainment. Getting rid of stuff seems harder than it was to acquire stuff.