Monday, June 30, 2008

How Green Is Your Vacation?


The answer for us is not very green at all!

We are taking a road trip, a long road trip up to the northwest, one that we have been planning to take for years, and one that we finally decide to take the year gas prices have exploded. Perhaps that should be telling us something?

I found this green vacation quiz which is fun to do if one has the time, although the results aren't really that surprising. We will be driving a gas guzzling mini- van, eating at lots of chain food places, staying at hotels, and drinking endless amounts of bottled water no doubt, so that wont get us many bonus points.

Vacations just aren't really that green are they? The way we get to them, the things we do when we are there, and all the stuff we consume along the way? Not green at all. But they are fun, a lot of fun usually, and fun is important sometimes, so of course we are still going.

Our enormous mini van is not green at all, I know this, but what to do? We really aren't in any situation to buy a Prius right now I am afraid. (I am also one of those hypocritical people who place environmental bumper stickers on their gas guzzling monsters. Not good).

Anyway, I am very excited for us to get away from the heat, to see new places, drink lots of beer, and to meet up with some dear old friends and family. Yes, I am definitely ready to get away.

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Amy said...

Hope you all have a FABULOUS or not. If you aren't being green, at least you'll be seeing a lot of green along the way. What a beautiful part of the country you'll be driving through and to! Take lots of pics!!!!