Monday, June 9, 2008

June In Our Garden


Amy said...

Ever thought of becoming a photographer? Gorgeous pics!

Mo said...

Ha ha! Hope the house huntng is going well, miss you! :)

Esther Montgomery said...

I agree with Amy.

That top photo jumped out at me as a 'wow!' even on my 'reader'.

I don't like cacti. (My dad grew masses of them when I was a child and I got fed up because they never 'did' anything.)

- But your cactus here has such an interesting light on it, it has, through your lens, become an interesting plant.

Basil - snails here love basil - munch straight through it in a moment - speed snails! - But I don't suppose you get snails in your heat?


Mo said...

Thank you Esther! I am dreaming, of perhaps getting a newish camera as I have a big birthday coming up soon, but not after I start compacting of course! :)

Hmm, the basil isn't looking like that picture anymore. I suspect a caterpillary type thing as it has been eaten in the way things are eaten when they are eaten by caterpillars, sort of in circles. I haven't seen anything though.

According to my book basil is supposed to repel lots of bugs, not attract them!

bodaat said...

Lovely pictures! What's the tree with the white flowers?

Mo said...

It's a Texas Ebony. It only flowers for a few days but the smell is heavenly when it does! :)

Titania said...

Mo you have a lovely June garden. the illuminated green leaf is so beautiful. the Basil looks pretty good too...yummy pesto! I love cacti, they are special because they take many years to grow big!)
The flowers are usually spectacular.

Mo said...

Thank you Titania! :)