Thursday, June 19, 2008


It seems that here in Phoenix once temperatures exceed 110 degrees which they have been doing for the past several days, and are predicted to do for the next few at least, all everyone can talk about is how hot it is. I know, it sounds totally obvious, but still every person one meets speaks bitterly of the heat and how miserable it is. This is a yearly phenomenon, and one that I conveniently forget about from October through about April. It is at this time of year that I am reminded wholeheartedly of why I want to move up to the cool green-ness of the pacific northwest. (The rest of the year I still want to move there, just not this much!)

Today as I released my poor hot, sweaty girls from their car seats and dashed into our extremely un-environmentally friendly, yet cool house, I was thinking about what might make us all feel better. I came to the conclusion that something from a place that has fairly normal summers would be nice, like somewhere in Europe. That got me thinking about Pesto and how good it would be to make some so that we could all feel a bit normal again, even if just for a little while.

After we had cooled off a little, I dashed outside and quickly harvested most of the rest of our basil, gathered together olive oil, salt, garlic, pine nuts, and pecorino cheese.

Then I blended it all together and here it is, fresh, yummy, green, cool, aromatic pesto.

I do think I feel a little better. And as I take in the wonderful aroma, and think about how I will be sharing it with you tomorrow Amy during what might be our last get together for a while, I am trying not to think about how much I am going to miss you!!


Amy said...

You just made my day! As I was looking at that delicious pesto I was thinking how much I would enjoy it....never expecting to read that you'd be sharing it with me tomorrow. Mmmmm.

And sob. I will miss you SO MUCH. I can't even think about it or I will cry. So let's not think about how much we'll miss each other and start planning our first visit. Okay??

leslie said...

Greeting, Mo.
I found your blog while looking for a picture of an ocotillo.
I am in Tucson. I totally understand the "hot" thing!

I have a great blog on my blogroll titled "Going Green". You will truly enjoy Burbanmom's blog.

I watched the 'Planet' channel offering of "off the Grid". I was flabberghasted. Through some strange planning, they had to utilize a helicopter (you read that correctly) to tote their recycled lumber to the building site. I'm sure other programs are fine, but that one stunned me.
I will be back to do some looking around on your blog very soon!

Mo said...

Loved sharing the pesto with you today Amy! So glad we get to see each other again next week! xxx

Mo said...

Hi Leslie and welcome! Love your blog and look forward to exploring it more too!

titania said...

The pesto you made looks delicious.
There is no comparison to bought one. Have you some leftover?

Mo said...

No, none left now! There was a little until hubby got home and then the pesto was no more! :)

sugarcreekstuff said...

Hi mo, last year I had a bumpercrop of Basil and made tons of pesto and froze it in muffin tins (good serving size) and put them in freezer bags. It looses a bit of the bright green color but you can have Pesto anytime.

Mo said...

Thanks Sugarcreekstuff, that is a great idea! :)