Monday, June 2, 2008

Sorry, Nothing To Do With Being Green

** Warning, this post has absolutely nothing to do with green living, frugal living, water conservation, vegetable growing, reducing carbon footprinting, or any other blog relevant subject.

I can't contain my excitement any longer. I have become totally, and utterly OBSESSED with this song! I can not stop listening to it. I really can't quite remember the last time I was so completely and utterly entertained by a song like this. It makes me want to throw my algebra books out of the window, (I have been feeling like doing that for a while), run outside, jump up and down, and dance, and sing, and maybe even dust off my poor old dirty and neglected drum kit and play a few solid grooves.

What a FAB tune!


Amy said...

Dance Par-tay!

bodaat said...

I love the visual. You're entirely way too cute! Have fun with your dancing!!