Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been another predictably hot weekend here. I haven't left our home all weekend! I have been busy though, really busy doing stuff around the house and garden.

The monsoon storms are coming, and I want everything to be OK outside, the trees all trimmed so that they don't get damaged by monsoon wind, and the other plants trim and well cared for. I have almost finished pruning all the trees. I will post some before and after pics when I am completely done. I have thinned them out considerably and that has taken away from the lovely shade they provide, but it had to be done. The mesquite tree I did a few weeks ago is growing back already. They don't waste much time in growing back foliage to shade their trunks these hot weather trees!

My veggie garden is looking a little dry and sad, though we are still getting tomaotes, and zucchini on a daily basis. The pepper plants are growing, and had flowers, and yet no peppers?! The cucumber vine is also growing like crazy and has lots of baby cucumbers. I hope that they grow. I have planned out what I will be planting in August for the fall, and I need to start getting some more beds prepared by de-compacting the concrete like soil we have here, and dumping some compost on top. Back breaking work, especially in this heat. Did I mention that it has been hot here??

I have just done a stack of ironing. I used not to like ironing but now I rather enjoy it. I listen to NPR and day dream. I also mended a sheet that was ripped with some iron on fabric I already had. It looks great and I am so glad I did this! I am a little ashamed to admit that a while back I would simply have gone out and bought another sheet, but not now that I am the new super improved frugal Mo.

I have really been enjoying the series on NBC nightly news called "Staying Afloat: Survival Guide" which describes how one can live well, and still penny pinch in these somewhat tougher times. They had a story about buying groceries from 99 cent stores last week and featured "The 99 cent Chef" who creates gourmet menu's from 99 cent store groceries.

*Edit, I had the incorrect link for above story previously.

It seems that frugal living is becoming somewhat trendy these days. It is ironic to me in that many, many people have been living this way for years, but it is only when things start affecting the masses that it becomes newsworthy I suppose. And still we have so much. I have been amazed how much money I have been saving by being more aware of what I am spending, and this is even before I start compacting proper! It is all a mindset, and one I am enjoying I have to say.

Oh, and I have been looking at plans to build a chicken tractor . It seems more and more likely that we will get a couple of chooks in the fall, after I have done way more research of course.


Titania said...

Mo, you can use gypsum to soften the hard clay soil. Gypsum doesn't alter the ph of the soil. Perhaps you could hire a little machine to break up the soil first; you might have to wait until it is getting cooler until you do this sort of hard work. I find the hard work in the garden doubles when it is hot because it is such a chore.) With shopping I have this little game, I ask myself can I live without it if yes I leave it, it saves a lot of money! Best wishes, Mo.

Mo said...

Thanks for the tips Titania! :) I am doing really well at not shopping at all, except for necessities these days.