Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Show!

Since happily discovering Planet Green I haven't had a lot of time to check it out. One show I have been watching though is “Greensburg", a documentary about the rebuilding of the town in Kansas that was pretty much demolished after a tornado in May of 2007.

Instead of rebuilding Greensburg back the way it was before, a decision was made to rebuild “green” so that it will eventually be a showcase community for sustainable living.

Greensburg is compelling viewing for me with the deep interest I have for sustainability issues, but it is also compelling as human drama about a town rebuilding after such a devastating disaster.

The personal stories are of loss and tragedy, but also of hope and courage, and it is very inspiring to watch as city planners try to reconcile the needs, hopes, and dreams of the community, with the restraints of finance and time. Not everyone in the community is on board with putting the “green” into Greensburg, but many people are despite obstacles, and this is inspiring to see.

The prevailing sentiment of “Greensburg” for me is one of a community courageously facing up to a major disaster, while also facing up to the challenges all of our communities face as fossil fuels are depleted, and as the damage we are wreaking on our planet rises to critical levels.

I hope city planners elsewhere are watching "Greensburg" and taking notes!


Amy said...

Thinking of moving to Kansas now? Sounds like a pretty nice town! Or it will be!!!

Mo said...

Well, the thought has crossed my mind of course. R's not so keen! :)

Amy said...

You'd be close to us if you moved to Kansas. ; )