Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home At Last!

We are finally home from our epic American, and Canadian west coast odyssey! We traveled well over four thousand miles in 16 days, in our minivan, all of us together, and for the most part it was fantastic!

Thanks to R's immaculate planning we saw lots of wonderful places, met up with some old friends and family, and took a good look at possible places for us to move to in the next two years or so. It has always been my dream to move up to the northwest, and I was not disappointed, it has some beautiful scenery, and most memorable places.

Of course I have pictures that I will post later, but because I have a ton of laundry to do, and two very sleepy little girls to feed and put to bed, I will finish for now. But not before a "highs" and "lows" list from the trip!


Quality time driving over four thousand miles with my nearest and dearest. (The girls were SO good, I couldn't believe how well they did on the really long drives).
Watching July 4th fireworks from Santa Barbara pier.
Stopping off in San Francisco to see my dear friend Mags.
Driving from Medford, up to Portland, Oregon. My oh my, what an amazingly beautiful, and GREEN area of the country.
Getting a compostable coffee cup, and hearing a radio commercial for why we should all be composting. That was in Oregon of course!
Experiencing a summer music concert on a beautiful evening in Bend.
The Space needle, Pike Place market, and fish and chips in Seattle.
Taking the ferry from Horseshoe Bay over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC. Beautiful views, and such fun.
Staying with my Aunt and Uncle in Courteneney BC.
Granville Island, Vancouver BC.
The many brew pubs, and of course many brews we sampled along the way.
Crater Lake, utterly awe inspiring!
Dim Sum with friends in LA today.
The fuzzy, furry, slobbery greeting we received from our four lovely furry friends as we arrived home. Dogs have SO got it right!


Quality time driving over four thousand miles with my nearest and dearest. OK, I jest, there were only a FEW lows, really! Most of these centred around a husband and a wife, a map, and someone not wanting to ask for directions. Haha!!!
The smoke and ash in Santa Barbara from the coastal fires. The air quality was really bad at that time I think.
The amount of fast food we ate, though this was balanced out a bit by the amount of great food we ate at all the brewpubs!
Gas Prices, especially in Canada!
Driving the freeways, and realizing that unless we all stop driving the way that we do, and fast, we don't have a chance of slowing global warming. (And that DEFINITELY includes me too having just driven so far).
Finding a cockroach on K's pillow in a really seedy motel in Sacramento.
Severe sleep deprivation. No, I mean REALLY severe, the kind that you have a month after your first baby has been born. For some reason I developed insomnia all the way, and the cockroach on the pillow really didn't help with that.

It was a great trip with the highs definitely outweighing the lows. I am so glad that we went, and I look forward to going back and seeing some of those amazing places again. I have to say though, it is great to be back home again, and to see how much everything in the garden has sprouted and grown with all the monsoon moisture. Yes, it really is nice to be home.


Lucy said...

Oh! I can't find the photo I meant.

It might have been in February and your archives don't seem to go back that far.

I think you were talking about meat eating and there was straight bit of very boring street with a large concrete shelter thing on the right hand side of the picture.

Ring any bells?


leaner said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I am envious. Every year I want to plan some sort of vacation, but Will puts it off, and won't/can't take the time off. Sigh. Maybe someday. I too would love to see the Northwest, I have 2 cousins there.

Mo said...

Lucy, the only post I can think it might be is April 13th when I talked about the farmers market. There is a pic of it, though not a great one, and there is a big building to the right. I have only been blogging since March so my archives don't go back any further that. It might not be my blog afterall?

Titania said...

Welcome back home Mo; it is great that you had a fantastic holiday I am looking forward to see the pictures.

Lucy said...

How strange! I can't think where I saw it if it wasn't here.

It was along with some wonderful desert photos - wherever it was!

Anyway . . . would it be ok if I used your washing line picture instead because that was the first thing that attracted me to your blog?


Mo said...

Of course you may Lucy, I would be honored! :)

Amy said...

I'm SO happy you're back home and blogging again. No more blog-withdrawal!!!