Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our (Not Very Green), Vacation

Here are some of the pictures of our vacation through California, Oregon, Washington State, Vancouver Island, and Vancouver BC. There don't seem to be any decent ones of us all together as a family I am afraid.

Smoke over Santa Barbara from the coastal fires.

Solvang, California.

The State Capital, Salem, Oregon.

The stunning Oregon Coast.

Playing in the sand at Seaside, Oregon.

Mount Hood.

The river running through downtown Bend.

Crater Lake. Have you ever seen water so blue?

Seattle skyline.

The Space Needle.

Sweet Peas at Pike's Place Farmers Market.

Riding on a pig outside Pike's Place.

Fun riding on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver BC, to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

A view from my Aunt and Uncle's backyard of Comox Glacier, Vancouver Island.

Two little girls having fun in the sun.

View from Mount Washington, Vancouver Island.

A totem pole in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC.

E eating big Corn.

Our little star!

Griffith Observatory, LA.


Amy said...

Gorgeous pics, as always. You really should be a photographer! The girls look so grown up and beautiful. Such sweet little things.

bodaat said...

Things that I love about your pictures:
- K's tevas
- The beautiful greenery
- The most blue lake I've ever seen
- How E's eyes look so big as she takes a big bite of corn
- Da flowers
- How the pics of the girls with both you and Robert remind me of my family pictures growing up - that was the best part of looking at the pics.

Thank you for sharing!!

Titania said...

Beautiful holiday pictures are always a treasure, memories caught
at the moment to hold for ever.
It was certainly an interesting trip with great scenery.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Glad your back and your trip looked amazing. Did you have to hike up to that lake?

Mo said...

No sugarcreekstuff, of course not! :) It is a National Park so you can drive all around the lake with many stop off points along the way. There are many trails through the park though and I would love to go back and hike and camp. I guess most people stop off for a short time as we did and move on, so there is usually plenty of camping space during their short summer season. It really was a highlight of the trip, an amazing place!