Thursday, July 31, 2008

Singing The Summer Blues

I am officially DONE with summer! This feeling usually hits me later than this, usually towards the middle or end of August, but not this year, oh no.

Maybe it is something to do with the time we spent up in the lovely green, cool northwest, or something to do with the fact that the monsoon seems to have dried up. The monsoon storms cool the temperatures down considerably and bring wonderful rain, although we haven't seen much at all where we live yet. Whatever the reason I have the summer blues real bad! I have been spending my time looking through our vacation pictures and dreaming of cooler climes.

Of course it is hot here in the summer, I know that. Each year I think that perhaps I will handle it better, and complain less, and yet each summer I handle it less, and complain even more. I am not a lot of fun to be around either. Sigh.

It really is hard for me to feel like I am making even the smallest contribution to the environment when we have our AC cranking out coolness continually, (even if it is set at 83 which feels miserably warm), and I feel guilty every time I water the plants. I constantly have to resist the urge to pack up the girls in the car and drive somewhere cool, like Payson, or Flagstaff. It seems very tempting but is not a very good long term solution.

Today we have been trying to keep busy by talking about the fall, and the things we are going to plant in our garden. And so the girls and I went out and bought some seeds.

I am using the super planting calender from The Urban Farm web site for our fall veggies. This has made it much easier for me to understand the right time to plant veggies here in the low desert. This weekend we will plant cucumbers, squash, corn, snap beans, and sunflowers in a bed that gets plenty of afternoon shade!

I also splurged a little today and bought a money tree plant. I have wanted one for ages, and it was kind of a last treat before I start compacting tomorrow. I know it was a bit extravagent, and it wasn't bought from a locally owned store I am afraid, but it looks so nice, and it makes me feel better somehow. Maybe it will bring us cooler weather and rain?

These are some melon seeds that K planted a few days ago. We were really just messing around and not expecting anything to grow, so were very surprised when they sprouted! Not sure how well they will do in the heat though.

Hopefully by keeping busy I can keep the summer blues at bay. I really need to be more creative and come up with some cheap and cheerful ways for us to stay busy in the heat. I am so NOT one of those Mom's that keeps their children entertained for hours with a length of string, a cardboard box, and odds and ends from the junk drawer. I SO wish I was, but I just am not. Sorry girls!


Amy said...

I hear you! We're just in from a miserable, hot, humid, dog walk. It's supposed to be 102-103 this weekend. Ugh. What about Phoenix?

I can also relate to your last paragraph....I always have high hopes to sit down and craft with the girls but never manage to do it. First off, we have very little in the way of supplies (not that you need fancy supplies to make "art" when you are three).

Second, even if I were to plan and prepare, they would probably only sit still for five minutes...tops.

And last of all, I have no energy to clean up the mess that would be left behind. Even five minutes of decorating paper plates or cutting construction paper leaves a jumbo disaster zone at my kitchen table.

I can TOTALLY relate!

Mo said...

We have a heat advisory until Saturday evening so that means 110 plus temps! :(

Amy said...

Just close your eyes and keep repeating, "there's no place like Oregon, there's no place like Oregon, there's no place like Oregon," as you tap your heels together three times.

No, nothing's going to happen but you'll look and feel silly doing it! : )

Mo said...

I might end up in Kansas if I do that! :)

Titania said...

Thank you Mo for your visit. I can relate to your summer blues, because I can get them too. Sometimes it is just to long summer!! Well you have your seeds ready for more plantings. Autumn won't be far off.

Mo said...

Of course I always used to feel this way about the long grey winters in England! Right now I would love to have some cloudy and drizzly days!

leaner said...

I actually get the worst part of my seasonal depression in May. I know what is coming and how long it will last. I know school is/will be out. I hate the month of May.

I am also sick of the heat. I told hubby that if he ever REALLY wants to move, and wants me totally on board, he has to hit me in June or July or even August. I will be totally down with moving and getting out of the H-O-T.

I am getting ready (in a week or two) to rip out the tomato part of my garden. They are all dying, but lasted really well through the hottest part of the summer. (Maybe some hope for you? But it did involve lots of water.) I am trying to figure out what to plant next. I have a watermelon vine with a little watermelon on it, so cute. Hopefully it grows into a tasty treat. My pumpkins didn't really produce anything, a few starts, little pumpkins that died quickly. Maybe it was too moist for them on the ground.

Mo said...

I would move tomorrow if the chance arose. (I don't feel quite as strongly once the heat has passed, and quite like it here then!)

We still have a few tomato plants that are struggling to stay alive but still have some fruit trying to ripen. I pulled the pepper plants. They never did much, I think it was too hot. I also still have my cucumber plant but I don't think I am giving it enough water to produce anything other than babies that shrivel up and die so I will pull that this weekend too.

I highly recommend the Urban Farms planting schedule, it is really clear and simple for non desert gardeners such as myself!