Saturday, August 30, 2008

Compacting Update

Not anything too exciting to report. I realized that I broke my pledge again the other day in Flagstaff when we ate at Wendy's. Not such a biggie but still breaking the rules.

Other than that I am doing OK. I have bought some gifts from the downtown farmers market, and from a small family owned toy store near us so that is good. I also bought K some tops from a consignment store nearby. She has grown so fast this summer she will need some new winter clothes so I forsee a trip to Goodwill next week, and maybe a garage sale if I can find one nearby.

My mind set is definitely shifting away more and more from shopping as a recreational activity, and I am spending less which is great for our budget. I have been writing down everything I spend for the past few months and it is amazing how quickly things add up.

Almost half way through now. We are away again visiting family overseas in a few weeks so that may present some challenges. We shall see.

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