Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day At The Museum

Today we went downtown again, this time to the Phoenix Childrens Museum. It has only been open a month or so, and I have heard great things about it from a couple of friends. I have also read some bad reviews online that surprised me rather now that I have been and seen it for myself, but I suppose it all comes down to personal expectations, and these often differ from parent to child.

There are areas within the museum that are yet to be completed, but overall I think that it is great value at $9 an admission if one stays for as many hours as we did today!

It is located within the refurbished Monroe School Building, which has been a downtown Phoenix landmark since 1913. It makes so much sense to me to use an existing building, rather than building from scratch, especially when the building is as appealing as this one is. It has been refurbished in a very innovative way, and the museum has very clear and thorough environmental policy practices, which of course appeal to me greatly.

"The Children's Museum of Phoenix's "Common Sense Green" environmental initiative will provide an over-arching roadmap for creating a museum that lives and breathes healthful choices."

The ground floor is huge and had some lovely art work displayed on the wall, and suspended from the high ceiling

Here is a small taste of some of the activities available

Phew! I think that if one utilizes all that there is available, this museum provides a great day out in Phoenix. There are ongoing plans for changing activities and exhibits which will keep things fresh. We had to practically drag the girls out, and so did the friends we were with. It was also really nice to see all the kids engaging in simple play activities, and loving every minute of it.

Phoenix Childrens Museum is the most ideal place for our long, hot summer days when nowhere outside in the searing heat is suitable for kids. It really is a great place, and I am excited to see it develop and grow.


Amy said...

Fun! The girls certainly look like they are having a blast! Was it crowded?

Mo said...

It was quite busy, but not so much that it was overwhelming. All the kids still had plenty of space to play.

leaner said...

I was actually going to post a review (and not a good one) of the PCM, we went a month ago. I really felt like it wasn't worth my $9 per person (nearly $40 for my family, way too much for me). If there was a discount of some sort, like a military discount, I would have felt it was better. My girls did have a blast, though and I plan to revisit it in a few months to see if it is better.

Mo said...

I agree it's not cheap but we were there for almost 5 hours so I think we got our money's worth! :)

leaner said...

I hope to spend more time there, next time. Maybe that will totally offset the price. I also had a grumpy hubby... that made it not so fun. He felt that "museum" was a misnomer. It should have been called "play place" or something, according to him.

Mo said...

Yes if one was expecting a "museum" I can imagine it being disappointing but I knew what to expect so that helped me to have an open mind I think.