Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun In The Garden

The weather was pretty nice this past Saturday, humid but only 102-ish. So, after I finished work I decided it would be the perfect time to go outside and do some long overdue yard work.

The big storm last week brought down a branch from one of my Palo Verde trees, so I cleared that up first.

Then I started work on making more space for my fall veggies. By this time I had one furry helper!

Soon after I acquired more helpers, some furry,

some not so much.

We all worked very hard.

And before long I had more space for planting, but had run out of time to actually plant anything!

We all went inside very sweaty and dirty. It was a fun afternoon!


Amy said...

Before living in the desert did you ever think you'd call 102-ish "pretty nice"? Haha.

The girls look so adorable...as do the pups. K and E's hair is getting so long!

I sure do miss you guys!

leaner said...

What are you planting? I need some ideas, since I recently pulled up my tomatoes I have a bit of space in the garden. I want to get something planted this weekend. (I need to aerate the soil while I am in there, I think.)

Mo said...

Amy, no I certainly did not and it is very funny now that I think of it! In England 102 would be beyond comprehension. (We used to go out and sunbathe if we got a day that hit 75! :)

Of course I miss you too my friend! xxx

Leaner, I am using the planting guide for this fall from The Urban Farm. You will find it at


If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have a clue what to plant. When I finally get around to it I will be planting squash, beans, cucumbers, corn, and sunflowers, and then different veggies again in September, October etc. Hopefully something will grow and bear fruit!

bodaat said...

Can I please gobble up your kids? They are incredibly adorable and remind me so much of my older sister and I growing up.