Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Has anyone else noticed the amount of green products that are everywhere these days? I saw green cleaning products at Target last week! (They may have had them for a while actually but I only just noticed).

I currently use baking soda to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and white vinegar to clean windows, (not that they get cleaned often). Both work quite well, though I have to confess that the vinegar is a bit smelly for a while afterwards.

For other cleaning issues I tend to go for commercially made "green" cleaning products, and often choose those that are on sale. They all seem to make various claims relating to their environmental friendliness but how do we really know that these are true? How do we know we aren't being greenwashed? I am sure I am the perfect candidate for greenwashing with the unbridled enthusiasm I have for all things green!

While looking through the archives I found this great story all about "Greenwashing" that aired on NPR's Morning Edition last November. It is definitely worth reading the summary, or taking a listen.

There is also a good list of resources for the savvy green consumer including "Consumer Reports Guide To Eco Labels" which is an excellent, and very thorough resource for information relating to specific labeling claims. I will probably be using this quite often now I think.

I also want to learn more about home made, safe, cleaning products which would provide the perfect solution for my family, and the environment. I know that there are quite a few books on the subject and will look for some next time we take a trip to the library.

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