Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mamas On The Compact Update

I have been compacting fully for a little over a week now, and I don't have too much to report except that I haven't broken my pledge yet!

I did get the girls new shoes as their feet have grown a lot over the past four months it seems, but that is within my pledge rules. I also bought two books from Amazon, both second hand. I thought long and hard about whether I should go and try to buy them at a local second book store, but finally relented and shopped online. I often wonder whether it is better environmentally to shop online and get things shipped, rather than driving somewhere for one or two items. It probably is, but of course I also wonder how environmentally friendly companies like Amazon really are, especially in view of their ranking. I guess it all balances out in the end, well I hope so anyway.

I am excited because the books I bought are "Rainwater Harvesting For Drylands", volume one, by Brad Lancaster, and "Green Up Your Clean Up" by Jill Schoff. Of course I could have checked both of these out of the library and not bought them, even second hand, but I have a feeling that I will be reading them for a while because I never have any real time to read it seems with school etc. I am afraid my big weakness is books, I admit it!

I have had no desire at all to go and browse the shops and I have realized that the reason for this is because we already have everything we need, and more! My shopping exploits before involved me convincing myself that we needed stuff we really didn't, and now that I have changed that mind set I feel no pressure to go anywhere near shops at all. I did go to Target during the week for some essential items like toothpaste etc and I had my shopping list, and I didn't stray from it, easy! :)

So, that is all for now. We have some birthdays coming up and I will keep you all updated with my birthday gift shopping exploits as they occur, and of course any deviations from my pledge.


leaner said...

Good for you. I however has been horrible. I suppose if I had started the pledge I wouldn't have been at the shops all week. I felt like I needed a little "retail therapy" and easily told myself I "needed" this or that.

Good luck, I am really glad you are doing this, too. (I still plan to start in Sept. for a 2 month pledge.)

Mo said...

Thanks Leaner :) Looking forward to you starting it too!

Amy said...

You are stronger-willed than I when it comes to shopping. Especially at Target. I can get myself into trouble when I go there.

I'm not yet ready to start a pledge, but I am trying to take notes, consume less, and make wiser choices when I'm at the store.