Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mount Humphreys

Today my sweet, funny, and hardcore outdoorsy friend C and I hiked Mount Humphreys which is the tallest point in Arizona standing at 12,637 ft.

Our good and kind husbands both happened to have the day off, and agreed to watch all the girls for us which was jolly nice of them considering we were gone for quite some time!

Here are some views from the way up

A picture of us once we reached the summit which took us considerably more time than we had thought it would. Well the air is very thin up there you know!

And some views from the top on a clear and perfect northern Arizona day. We could even see the Grand Canyon although I don't think you can in these!

This was the sunset that greeted us when we finally made it back to the parking lot!

A marvelous and hilarious day was had by all, well maybe not all, I don't think the guys had quite as much fun as we did!

Now I am exceedingly sore which is a testament to my lack of recent, (? any), mountaineering fitness, but it was totally worth it for such a fabulous day.


Titania said...

what a beautiful hike in a grand landscape; good on you!

sugarcreekstuff said...

As a teen I lived in Flagstaff and I loved the Sanfrancisco Peaks. Did you ride the chair lift? That was always my favorite thing to do.

Amy said...

Wow! That was quite a hike! How fun, and exhausting! Where is Mt. Humphreys?

Mo said...

No Sugarcreek stuff, it isn't running at this time of year but we walked by it.

Amy, it is about 6 miles north of Flagstaff and is only a little over 4 miles each way but at quite an elevation so it was very tiring!

leaner said...

Wow. I haven't hiked in a while, but really hope to get in some this winter. We hike a lot in the months of Dec-March. Looking forward to the Superstitions in February!

Your pictures are beautiful!

Mo said...

Thank you Leaner! We hadn't hiked that far in a while either and it took is a long time but it was so much fun.

Alison said...

Ooh, I love to climb mountains. It's tough when you have altitude in the equation. Unfortunately there is not a single mountain in my Great Plains state. Having left a country of mountains, ocean and islands I've had to learn to love the prairie instead. It took a while, but I'm really beginning to love the ocean of grass!

Mo said...

I love mountains as well but I would be happy hiking pretty much anywhere that is out in the wilds! :)

bodaat said...

You look so close to the clouds in the pictures! You really had a beautiful Summer Flag day - gorgeous for picture taking. Congrats on the hike. I've tried hiking in Flag without much success due to the elevation. It's incredibly hard on the breathing, for sure. I can't even imagine what Kiliminjaro would be like.