Friday, August 8, 2008

Rain, Lovely Rain!


leaner said...

Ah- another similar post coming from me.

The wind was so bad I could feel it shaking my entire house. Kinda freaky.

Amy said...

Can you send some of that our way?

Mo said...

We had a lot of wind as well. I lost a big branch from one of my Palo Verde trees!

Amy, of course! :)

Sunita said...

Isnt rain fantastic? I love rain too! It makes me feel all zinged up. Oh, and my plants love it too : )

Collected said...

re. your note on 'Loose and Leafy'.

Perfectly happy that you left the tag. Not it the least put out.

(Except I'm not good at tags!)


P.S. Glad you've got rain. Essential, I'd say.

Collected said...

Oh bother. I've just left a comment which says it's from someone called 'Collected'.

I've created a new address where all my emails are 'collected' and I haven't got used to it yet . . . so I wander off onto blog reading without turning it off.