Saturday, August 2, 2008

Solution to my produce woes!

Like Leaner over at Three Snakes and a Rooster, I too started today with a vegetable co-op that is here in the valley called Bountiful Baskets. I love the philosophy behind co-ops and was so happy to hear about it.

They offer conventional baskets, or organic, and because we had an organic drop off close by, and because I am always looking for affordable, convenient ways to buy organic, I opted for the organic basket. This is what we got for $28.50 which is the price for first time participants, $27.50 for baskets after that including a $1.50 delivery expense fee.

You can't really see clearly but there are two lettuces, (we had a choice of an extra head of celery or lettuce, I went for the celery), four punnets of strawberries, three bunches of green onions,several tomatoes and plums, two bunches of beets, several squash, and two bunches of broccoli.

I was truly delighted that we got so much and at how fresh it is! I challenge anyone to go to a store and try to get that much organic produce for $28.50! It all comes from California so that although it does travel a fair distance, it isn't as far as some of the imported veggies I have been buying.

The co-op occurs every two weeks, so by supplementing with veggies from the farmers market during the other week, I feel as though I will be combining the obvious benefits of supporting local farmers, and that of affordable, convenient organic food for my family. It is a compromise, but I feel that for now it is a good one. This will also allow me to stay within my weekly grocery budget easily I think, and with mostly organic produce, yeah!!!!

Now I am off to plan some meals for all that lovely produce. It will certainly last a while I feel sure, and I will definitely be doing this again!


leaner said...

You are so lucky to get the organic. I am hopeful that I can get an organic set up closer to me, because I am that persuasive. (Not really, but maybe with some begging?)

Do you attend the downtown farmer's market? We went last week, so hot, but so much to see. I am planning another trip next week, and I might need a few supplements to my basket, but I am so excited about this co-op!

Amy said...

Be sure to share some of the yummy meals you create with all that great produce!


Mo said...

The organic veg is very nice but obviously a more expensive than conventional basket. I am sure that if there is a demand they will do the same near you. It is super isn't it!!

I was going to the downtown market more often before it got so hot. I just can't bear the trek downtown now in the heat. (Well, I can hardly bear going anywhere now!) Also, Roadrunner Park Farmers Market is closer for us, though not nearly as big and lovely as downtown. I am working next week or I might have joined you there!

Amy have you checked out the farmers markets there yet?

leaner said...

Tag- you are it. (Check out my blog for tag.)

It is way too hot downtown for the farmers market. I swear I felt like I was going to melt when we went. I will have to bring cash next time, paying with a card is too big of a hassle. I did get some tasty honeycomb. The girls loooove it.