Friday, August 1, 2008

Today is the day I start Compacting

Today is the first day of my compacting pledge. I am officially not buying anything new, (except for food, toiletries etc), for the next two months. The purpose of this project for me is to truly live by the environmental philosophy of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”. It is also my statement against the pressures of consumption, and a way for us to live more simply, and frugally, and to save money as a result.

I first got this great idea from the Jenny over at the “Mamas On The Compact” blog where many other Mom’s are compacting for varied lengths of time. Jenny is currently in the process of moving from blogger to wordpress under the domain and as soon as the move is complete I will be updating my compacting exploits over there as well as here.

I will be compacting for two months initially, and here is my pledge

I will not purchase anything new for the next two months with the following exceptions:

Food, drinks, and certain other obvious necessities such as toiletries, baby wipes, medicines etc
Shoes for the girls
Underwear and swimwear for us all
Gifts, although I will make every attempt to either make them, (!!) or purchase them from local, small, and independent stores to support small business and craftpersons. (I know all you friends out there are positively drooling at the thought of getting homemade gifts from me! :)
Within reason certain DIY stuff such as paints etc, although I will make every attempt to salvage, and obtain raw materials for projects as much as possible
Seeds and plants for the yard, though again I will attempt to seed and plant share as much as possible
Certain garden supplies such as potting soil
We will not eat at any chain restaurants or fast food outlets.

Anything else I find I really need to buy will be obtained second hand from thrift and consignment stores, Craigs List, Freecycle etc.

I will blog every week about my progress here at Green Desert, and at, and will post immediately should I break any of my pledge rules.


bodaat said...

Go Mo, Go Mo, Go Mo...!!!

Mo said...


Amy said...

I love homemade things!

Good luck with the pledge. Can't wait to read how you maintain a household on minimal store-bought items. I need all the ideas I can get to save money!

Mo said...

So are you ready for C's extra special homemade birthday gift then Amy? Haha!

It's such a shame I can't knit, then the possibilities would be endless, green beanies for everyone for Christmas, knitted book bags for all Kendra's friends at school................:):)

Amy said...

Really, I LOVE homemade things. They have a much more personal, loved feel to them.

I wish I could knit too. Or sew. But even if I could, when would I have time to?

leaner said...

Learn to knit then! LOL. Its easy once someone shows you.

I tried to contact Mamas on the compact, but kept getting my email back? I will wait another month before I get started. I have my pledge written out, its just that well, if I started yesterday I didn't do so well. ( I did a little shopping, the new cat needed a collar! LOL)

Mo said...


I also emailed a few times and didn't get a reply until this week. Everything is backed up because it has been so popular! Once it has been moved Jenny said it will be easier to start up without waiting for her.

Looking forward to you starting as well! And I have tried to learn to knit and beyond the very basic stitches I didn't do well. True craftiness is not in my nature I fear!