Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are back from Taiwan! Got back the very early hours of this morning. The girls and I are staggering around the house in a very jet lagged state, while poor R had to go back to work on three hours of broken sleep.

We had a very lovely time with R's family. They are truly the kindest, most generous, and genuinely loving people, and we are always spoiled terribly when we go. The girls couldn't move for love, attention, candy, cakes, and toys. They seldom get spoiled in this way because we have no family close by so it was nice to see, but probably just as well it was only for a week.

While there I read in one of the Taiwan Daily papers of a study that has come out of England that sums me up to a tee I am afraid. It said that many people in England think that they are doing so much for the environment by recycling, composting etc, and yet they then fly off on vacations abroad which completely undermines all of their superficial environmental efforts. I couldn't find the specific article online but found this piece from last year which is along the same lines. Almost our entire family is overseas and we try to go to either the UK or Taiwan to visit with family each year finances permitting. In view of this are all of my "green" efforts completely pointless? Hmm, I just don't know.

Anyway, we are back now and my veggie plot has gone beserk with growth. I even have some zucchini already, albeit small ones. I will post some pictures as soon as I am caught up, and also some of our adventure in Taiwan.

It is the last official day of the monsoon here today. Fall is almost here and so begins my most favorite time of year in Arizona. I love, love, love fall with its cool weather, color, falling leaves, (although we don't get a lot of those here), pumpkins, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I also love the lead up to Christmas which I enjoy much better than the actual holiday itself. It is also K's birthday next week. My little girl will turn five and I can hardly believe it. Lots to look forward to. I am though determined to try to cut down on the commercialism and stay frugal this fall.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Harvesting of Rainwater

Tucson's very own Brad Lancaster was on NPR's Morning Edition this today. Great to hear this story. Try to check it out if you get a chance.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Compacting Update

Not anything to report I am afraid except that I did get some LOVELY birthday gifts, the kind of things I rarely buy for myself but always want to, like very nice bottles of wine, Barbara Kingsolver books, candles, embossed gardening gloves, aromatherapy massages, Lucy T-shirts etc. I don't think that's breaking my pledge is it?? :)

I am still doing OK, though I do wonder sometimes if I am subconsciously putting off buying anything until after I am done. I have never been the kind of person who loves to shop, I am much more of a run in and out kind of a shopper. I do love a good bargain if I see one though. For whatever reason right now I can hardly be bothered to go and seek out stuff which works out rather well for compacting.

Next week we are off to Taiwan and I have a feeling once I get there and see some of the lovely, and exotic things they have that it wont be quite as easy. It wont be quite as easy to confess to any slip up's either without a computer, but I promise I will confess when I get back. Honest I will!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thank You!

Last night I received the most wonderful and special surprise!

My friends and DH threw me a surprise 40th birthday party about which I had not one inkling.

It was an amazing evening with many dear friends and family present.

Special thanks to you K and R for everything you did to make it so special! Thank you to everyone for being there and for being my friends. I am truly a lucky lucky woman!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Green Updates- Water

Water is, (or should be), a concern for all of us, especially those of us that live here in the desert southwest. Out of everything though I feel that this is still our area of weakness. We use way more than we should considering that we are desert dwellers, and the main reason for this is the use of water for our back yard.

Nearly all of our landscaping plants are low water use plants suitable for xeriscaping except for two of the trees, a few Bougainvillea bushes, the plants and pots around the patio, and of course the veggie garden. I used these free information booklets on xeriscaping, and low water use plants circulated by Phoenix Water Conservation Office when I first started planning the yard and I highly recommend them! Other cities in this area also provide these free of charge. What a great service. Many cities also provide classes about desert landscaping.

Our front yard is completely xeriscaped but of course we still have our ridiculous, scratty looking patch of grass at the back that we keep barely alive throughout the summer months and yet still uses half of our total water consumption during that time. I would be quite happy to completely xeriscape. We never sow any winter grass, we don’t even water it in the winter, and we don’t go outside much in the summer so I would love to get rid of it once and for all. For some reason my DH is not as eager to do this which causes many a heated discussion in our home. Having said all of that, we haven’t watered the grass for weeks now due to the rain we have been having and it actually looks better than usual. We won’t turn the irrigation back on now until spring and thus our water usage will reduce drastically which makes me feel better. In the winter I use very little water on the yard, most of the plants only require a small amount via drip irrigation every few weeks or so.

I am intrigued and interested by the concept of rainwater collection, but have yet to read Brad Lancaster’s book “Rainwater Harvesting for Dry lands And Beyond” even though I recently bought it. I seem to have so little time these days to read the things I really want to read. Rainwater barrels aren’t difficult to make and install, and The Phoenix Permaculture Guild offer regular classes about making and installing these. Of course I have yet to get to one of these either! Grey water systems can be complex to install although of course I would love to have one. That may be yet another thing to add to my green wish list, along with solar panels, and a new dishwasher.

I have learned a lot from this “Water Use It Wisely” list to reduce our overall water use, and we do many of these things. We now have low flow shower heads on all our showers, aerators on most of the faucets, and all of our toilets are low volume. I also did the food dye toilet test to see whether we have any leaky toilets and we don’t, for now at least.

I take short showers, well under 5 minutes long, often with the girls. I seldom take a bath, and when the girls do I make it very shallow.

I don’t use the dishwasher mainly because it doesn’t wash well and so we end up running it twice. I wash up the English way with a sink full of water and soap. R washes up with the faucet running which drives me crazy! I know I know, I should be grateful that he washes up at all right? I think my way saves water compared to using the dishwasher, but I am sure R's way does not. I have also read that many of the newer dishwashers use only a few gallons each time, but of course there are energy considerations with them as well.

I only use the washer when it is completely full which isn’t difficult in our house because I seem to be washing clothes a lot. I don't use the garbage disposal mainly because I think they are such strange things, and we compost our food waste anyway. Many other things on the list like sweeping our driveway instead of washing it down, using a bucket of water for washing the cars, and turning the faucet off when brushing teeth are things we have been doing for quite some.

I am generally very mindful of trying to save every drop of water these days, but having just re-read this post I realize it is really just a list of excuses of why we aren't doing better at conserving water! I also know that the backyard is still an area that can be improved upon greatly. Having said that, our water usage is still down 30% from last year. I do know though we can do a lot better still.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Garden Stuff

I have the next batch of seeds ready for sowing over the next few days. This time I will be sowing carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and radish.

Despite my unnecessary pessimism, the seeds I sowed a few weeks back have sprouted and are growing rapidly.

We have cucumbers

Two kinds of zucchini

And snap beans

The corn didn't do well. It grew and then I think the birds were getting it because I kept finding it strewn all over the garden. I may plant some more, or perhaps just concentrate on my next planting. I don't want to try to do too much for my first fall season.

K's melon plant is growing well. I need to plant it out, although it is completely the wrong time of year for melons. It seems to be loving the rain and humidity we have been having though.

I also have a sturdy basil plant that is still going strong despite me having taken many leaves from it for pesto. I think there is at least one more crop left. Basil seems to love our desert summer heat.

A beautiful Brittlebush which is a native here in the Sonoran desert, has self seeded and is growing fast. I love it when this happens, what could be easier?

I think our little garden is coming together slowly. Still more work to do but I am loving it.