Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Compacting Update

Not anything to report I am afraid except that I did get some LOVELY birthday gifts, the kind of things I rarely buy for myself but always want to, like very nice bottles of wine, Barbara Kingsolver books, candles, embossed gardening gloves, aromatherapy massages, Lucy T-shirts etc. I don't think that's breaking my pledge is it?? :)

I am still doing OK, though I do wonder sometimes if I am subconsciously putting off buying anything until after I am done. I have never been the kind of person who loves to shop, I am much more of a run in and out kind of a shopper. I do love a good bargain if I see one though. For whatever reason right now I can hardly be bothered to go and seek out stuff which works out rather well for compacting.

Next week we are off to Taiwan and I have a feeling once I get there and see some of the lovely, and exotic things they have that it wont be quite as easy. It wont be quite as easy to confess to any slip up's either without a computer, but I promise I will confess when I get back. Honest I will!


Lucy Corrander said...

I really like the new look to your blog - lovely clean and fresh colour.

Have a great time in Taiwan. Don't let your compacting spoil your visit there.


Amy said...

I will miss your entries but eagerly await more pictures and stories of your travels.