Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are back from Taiwan! Got back the very early hours of this morning. The girls and I are staggering around the house in a very jet lagged state, while poor R had to go back to work on three hours of broken sleep.

We had a very lovely time with R's family. They are truly the kindest, most generous, and genuinely loving people, and we are always spoiled terribly when we go. The girls couldn't move for love, attention, candy, cakes, and toys. They seldom get spoiled in this way because we have no family close by so it was nice to see, but probably just as well it was only for a week.

While there I read in one of the Taiwan Daily papers of a study that has come out of England that sums me up to a tee I am afraid. It said that many people in England think that they are doing so much for the environment by recycling, composting etc, and yet they then fly off on vacations abroad which completely undermines all of their superficial environmental efforts. I couldn't find the specific article online but found this piece from last year which is along the same lines. Almost our entire family is overseas and we try to go to either the UK or Taiwan to visit with family each year finances permitting. In view of this are all of my "green" efforts completely pointless? Hmm, I just don't know.

Anyway, we are back now and my veggie plot has gone beserk with growth. I even have some zucchini already, albeit small ones. I will post some pictures as soon as I am caught up, and also some of our adventure in Taiwan.

It is the last official day of the monsoon here today. Fall is almost here and so begins my most favorite time of year in Arizona. I love, love, love fall with its cool weather, color, falling leaves, (although we don't get a lot of those here), pumpkins, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I also love the lead up to Christmas which I enjoy much better than the actual holiday itself. It is also K's birthday next week. My little girl will turn five and I can hardly believe it. Lots to look forward to. I am though determined to try to cut down on the commercialism and stay frugal this fall.


bodaat said...

Yey! Yey! You're back! You're back! Nice to see your blog back up and running. Welcome back!

I don't think your green efforts go wasted at all. Just think of how much trash, water, electricity, waste you have saved! Although your vacation may not have been in the spirit of green, all of your efforts so far at home have and that has still saved this Earth. I'm sure that Mother Earth will take every bit of love that she can get!

ps - glad you're back!

Amy said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more Taiwan tales and see what I'm sure will be some increadible pics!