Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back On The Compact

Call me a flip flopper but I am going back to compacting. I haven't felt right since I stopped, and I have sensed a relaxation of my less consumerist behaviors. I have found myself flicking through Pottery Barn catalogs and wanting stuff. I wasn't doing this before, I wasn't looking and I felt better about myself.

We are on a much stricter than usual budget right now after Kendra's mammoth party,(who isn't), and the last thing I need is to decide that I have to have something pricey and unnecessary. So, I am taking the plunge and going used for six months. I will reuse my old pledge and add an exception for slip covers for the sofas. I am not house vain at all but our others have holes in and look pretty bad. The ideal ones don't need to be expensive or pretty, but they do need to cover the cushions so that stuffing doesn't come out.

I will be compacting for six months and will re evaluate after that time. Here again is my pledge.

I will do my very best to not purchase anything new for the next six months with the following exceptions:

Slipcovers for our sofas if and when I find some that are cheap and cheerful. If I can find some secondhand that would be better.
Food, drinks, and certain other obvious necessities such as toiletries, medicines etc
Shoes for the girls
Underwear and swimwear for us all
Gifts, although I will make every attempt to either make them, (!!) or purchase them from local, small, and independent stores to support small business and craftpersons.
Within reason certain DIY stuff such as paints etc, although I will make every attempt to salvage, and obtain raw materials for projects as much as possible
Seeds and plants for the yard, although again I will attempt to seed and plant share as much as possible
Certain garden supplies if I absolutely need them
We will not eat at any chain restaurants or fast food outlets

Anything else I find I really need to buy will be obtained second hand from thrift and consignment stores, Craigs List, Freecycle etc.

OK, that's it. I feel much better already.


Amy said...

So, you are a compacting addict? I can't think of a better addict to be! Wish I could get into that mindset.

Although, I have had to cut back quite a bit on spending now that we're down to a single income...not that I was making all that much with triage.

Mo said...

You know Amy, I just feel better doing it, especially now. I am sure I will slip up but at least it is always at the back of my mind reminding me to try to buy used, and to buy local.

Titania said...

Good on you Michelle, it is not an easy task. My daughter and I we say to each other when we go shopping together and are tempted; do we really need it? Most of the time it is a NO.

Aiyana said...

This is a great idea. I think many folks would be amazed at the savings they could generate by making a decision not to buy anything new. If you shop at charity thrift stores, you don't even have to pay sales tax--another aspect of saving. I've gone on streaks of non-spending, more as a exercise in discipline rather than other reasons. I use up all the stuff in my house, such as cosmetics, lotions, cleaning products, etc. I use up everything I keep in storage, and end up finding clothes I haven't used in months or years. Not only do I save money, but I find things I forgot I had, and I'm able to better evaluate what I need.